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Press inquiries can be directed to our Executive Director, William Walter:


Our Wisconsin Revolution announces new Executive Director.


March 4, 2024

As an independent social justice organization working to make both our economy and our government a true democracy, Our Wisconsin Revolution stands at the forefront of the progressive movement. We believe a better tomorrow is not only possible, but necessary, if we want our communities to truly prosper. This true democracy: one of, by, and for the people, can only be achieved through bold, transformative policy that focuses on uplifting all Americans rather than an elite few. Creating this future is paramount to the health and well-being of society, but change doesn’t occur overnight and it can’t exist in a vacuum. We must acknowledge and learn from the past, allowing us to mold our present into a future reflecting the will of the people.

With this in mind, Our Wisconsin Revolution is proud to announce William Walter has been appointed the new Executive Director. William was introduced to the organization through his election as a Bernie Sanders National Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention and has served as Policy Research Director and Lead Training Organizer since 2021. Through this work, William understands the necessity of an immediate and full-scale progressive revolution. While still in its infancy, the progressive movement is here and it’s growing rapidly. Under his leadership, William hopes OWR can serve as the bridge between passion, ideas, and action, leading this burgeoning movement into an electoral powerhouse by empowering Wisconsinites to turn passion into knowledge, knowledge into action, and action into change. Additionally, William has extensive media experience having hosted a state-wide progressive radio show on Civic Media, organizes effectively at the local level as a co-lead for Grassroots Germantown, and serves on the inaugural steering committee for the recently relaunched Young Progressive Democrats of America (YPDA). As a youth organizer by trade, William firmly believes young people must become active and engaged in the electoral process if we want to sculpt a future where regular people are no longer strug
gling to simply survive, but have the tools and resources needed to thrive. 


William started in his new role March 1, 2024 with plans to hit the ground running. “Fueled by a strong emphasis on our core committee work, long established by the massive success our Electoral, Environmental, and Healthcare Committee’s have already achieved across the state, we will keep driving the importance of true, systemic change. Progress isn’t guaranteed. It’s fought for, day in and day out, and will not be achieved if regular, working-class Wisconsinites aren’t willing to fight for it. OWR will serve as their voice. To earn what the people of Wisconsin deserve, we must be willing and ready to organize. An economy controlled by organized greed can only be countered by organized labor.”


Our Wisconsin Revolution is extremely grateful to former Executive Director Andre Walton who will be transitioning into his new role as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors. Andre was instrumental in the growth of OWR and will continue guiding the organization through his new position where he will continue to be an excellent organizer and champion of progressive policies.


Revolutionizing Wisconsin


Our Wisconsin Revolution statement on Fair Maps finally coming to Wisconsin.


February 20, 2024

With the stroke of a pen, Governor Tony Evers signed the new Assembly and Senate district maps that will be utilized in November for this upcoming election cycle. After spending nearly 15 years with the most heavily gerrymandered maps in the country, this decision represents a new era for Wisconsin politics and new hope for millions of voters to be better represented by officials more aligned with their world view. The skeleton key the Wisconsin GOP used to usurp the will of Wisconsinites and maintain their authoritarian grip on power is no more. 


New maps serve as the beginning of a new Wisconsin, but they are only the first step. Now, we must recruit, train and promote passionate, progress-driven candidates willing to represent their districts and their constituents rather than serving themselves and their party interests. Competitive races and districts allow the best candidates a fighting chance, it forces campaigns to put in the work each and every cycle if they want to continue representing the people who live in these communities. 


Heavily gerrymandered maps are antithetical to democracy as it guarantees reelection with no campaigning required, and it incentivizes extreme right-wing fanaticism. Candidates attempt to out-radical each other in the primaries knowing an increasingly concentrated voting bloc supporting anti-democratic, aggressive, extreme rhetoric will turn out in force and, once they win the primary, they are guaranteed to win in the general based solely on the demographics of the district. Protect people and communities, not politicians.


We the people choose who represents us, politicians DO NOT choose who they represent. With these maps, fair maps for the first time in a decade and a half, Wisconsin voters will finally have an opportunity to elect politicians that represent their ideas, beliefs, and values. As the legislature is reshaped in Wisconsin’s image, we may finally be able to progress “Forward,” and reclaim our position as a national leader in progressive politics.


Our Wisconsin Revolution statement on the anti-democratic measure to remove Democratic primary candidates' names from the ballot.


January 3, 2024

Wisconsin’s Presidential Preference Selection Committee announced Joe Biden would be the only candidate on the Presidential Primary ballot for the Democratic Party. This decision is undemocratic as it doesn’t allow the voters to participate in the primary process, and actively dismisses candidates highlighting key issues such as Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, promoting workers and union rights, and achieving Housing for All.


Primary elections serve as a foundational piece of electoral politics, a key mechanism of representative democracy. No official, especially not an office such as the president, should be selected or anointed behind closed doors. Primary elections allow voters to speak to what issues matter most within their party, such as the 2016 cycle when Bernie Sanders brought Medicare for All to the forefront of national conversations. This momentum carried into the 2020 election and allowed the candidates to bolster their arguments and strengthen their campaigns in preparation for the general election.


We believe this is the purpose of a primary and are disappointed the 2024 candidates will not have the same opportunity. Voters deserve to choose candidates based on policy, rather than being forced into support by party affiliation. Who is on the ballot against the GOP in November must be left up to the voters, not party officials.


Our Wisconsin Revolution calls on America to halt aid to Israel until the war crimes in Palestine stop.


October 17, 2023

This past week has marked one of the most violent weeks in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the past few decades, including to the time of the writing of this statement the death of over 2,300 Gazans and over 1,400 Israelis. The bloodshed over the past week has been devastating. OWR wholly condemns attacks on any civilian populations and death on all sides of war. We condemn Hamas’ killing of innocent Israeli citizens and we also condemn the Israeli Defense Forces’ carpet bombing of Gaza and killing of innocent civilians. 


This violence did not occur in a vacuum. It occurred due to the Israeli occupation of Palestine starting in 1967, and the ongoing apartheid conditions in Israel. For the last 16 years Gaza has been under a crippling blockade that restricts the movement of people or even basic necessities, medical assistance and humanitarian aid from entering Gaza. This also includes settlements promoted by the Israeli government in the West Bank where Palestinians have been forcibly removed from their homes.


Additionally, Benjamin Netanyahu and the right wing Israeli government have continually used the language of war crimes in their response to Hamas’ attack. OWR strongly condemns Netanyahu’s rhetoric such as “we are fighting human animals” and cutting off all food, water, and electricity, this is language of ethnic cleansing. Further, the use of chemical weapons like white phosphorus is illegal by international law and we condemn Israel for their use of inhumane weapons.


Even worse, who benefits from the ongoing warfare? The American Military Industrial Complex! The stocks of major military contractors has skyrocketed over the past week of suffering in Israel and Palestine. Lockheed Martin’s stock reached its highest level since March 2020, just last week, Lockheed expanded their stock buyback program by $6 billion, raking in record profits for shareholders. So who wins from the blood being shed by innocent Gazans and Israelis, the American Military Industrial Complex.


We are calling on America to halt aid to Israel until the war crimes in Palestine stop and further we condemn all American funding going to pay to impose apartheid on Palestinians.


Further, we are calling upon all parties involved, the Israeli Government, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, the US, and its allies to call for an immediate ceasefire and end all violence in this conflict.


Our Wisconsin Revolution applauds the leadership of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.


July 26, 2023

Yesterday, the Teamsters and UPS reached a tentative agreement for a five year contract including raises for all workers, creating more full time roles, and new workplace protections. This deal was reached just days before a strike would have begun on August 1st.


Our Wisconsin Revolution stands in solidarity with workers across the country and applauds the leadership and rank and file members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for standing their ground against UPS and demanding living wages and better working conditions for all UPS employees. Additionally, the new benefits include $30 billion of new money on the table for UPS workers according to Teamsters President Sean O’Brien.


Benefits include an immediate raise for all workers of $2.75/hour, and a $7.50/hour raise over the next five years, a $21/hour minimum wage for part time workers, eliminating forced overtime on holidays, and raising the average full time Teamsters UPS wage to $49/hour.


This contract is the start of a reckoning in the organized labor movement to truly stand for workers. Our Wisconsin Revolution strongly supports all workers having the right to unionizing and collective bargaining, particularly since the COVID pandemic where corporations like UPS whose earnings have increased roughly 20% per year since 2020. Workers are what makes America move, and these new benefits are just the start of what our essential workers deserve.


Our Wisconsin Revolution criticizes Wisconsin's 2023-2025 State Budget.


July 7, 2023

On Wednesday, Governor Evers signed the 2023-2025 Wisconsin State Budget. While we understand the governor has limited options given the makeup of the gerrymandered legislature, in no uncertain terms, this budget is an attack on the working people of Wisconsin. This budget failed to include much needed funds for child care providers. By not keeping in the $340 million for child care, this budget is guaranteeing financial hardships on working families who struggle to keep up with the rising costs of childcare.

Cuts to childcare isn’t the only major problem that is cause for concern. Another is the increase per pupil funding to school vouchers. Every dollar that goes to school vouchers is a dollar that leaves public education. Many public schools already struggle to keep up with cost, and many school teachers have to pay for essential supplies out of their own pocket. By increasing per pupil funding to school vouchers, this budget is guaranteeing that those problems will be exacerbated. Additionally, they took local control away from communities in Milwaukee, directly contradicting their strong statement against School Resource Officers (SROs), mandating that the city allow police officers back into their public schools.

Last, but certainly not least, this budget does not address one of the main problems Wisconsinites face year after year; access to quality, affordable healthcare. Wisconsin remains one of the few states to not accept Medicaid expansion. As a result, tens of thousands of people, who would otherwise qualify for BadgerCare, are unable to obtain quality healthcare.


There are many other problems in this budget that will undoubtedly hurt the working people of this state, but those are a few that are most concerning given the direction of our state. Our Wisconsin Revolution stands firmly against this budget, as it will do very little to progress this state forward.


Our Wisconsin Revolution and WI Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program call for an end to the privatization of Medicare.


July 25, 2022

Madison, WI - Monday, July 25th, marks the opening day of a week-long, corporate healthcare virtual event titled “National Primary Care Transformation Summit.” Wisconsin citizens fear that this is a pretext for the further privatization of Medicare through both Medicare Advantage and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s ACO-REACH pilot program.

ACO-REACH (formerly called Direct Contracting Entities) is a program started under the Trump administration that continues under the Biden administration, even though there is growing concern among both physicians and traditional Medicare recipients that it introduces third party, profit seeking entities into the physician/patient relationship.

In June, almost 60 Wisconsinites attended a Zoom meeting organized by Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR) and the Wisconsin chapter of Physicians for a National health Program (WI-PNHP) with Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin to express concerns regarding the ACO-REACH program. As a result, Senator Baldwin sent a letter to Senate Finance Committee chair Ron Wyden calling for hearings to scrutinize more closely the business practices of for profit Medicare providers. 

Steve Carlson, Co-Chair of the OWR board of directors remarked “the available evidence suggests that Medicare Advantage costs taxpayers more money while denying needed care to senior citizens. So why would the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation promote yet another profit seeking program, ACO-REACH, into what’s left of traditional Medicare without beneficiary’s knowledge or consent? Why call it ACO-REACH? Why not call it FOX-MEET-HENHOUSE?“

Dr. Laurel Mark, Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program said “I oppose Direct Contracting and ACO-REACH because it undermines the foundation of health care which is the bond between doctor and patient.  It gives non-healthcare, for-profit entities the power to decide about our personal medical care and devalues the doctor-patient relationship”. 

Our Wisconsin Revolution reached out to Senator Ron Johnson’s office to schedule a zoom meeting regarding the ongoing privatization of Medicare, but Senator Johnson’s staff replied that he is unable to meet with us. 

For more information contact:

Steve Carlson, Co-chair, OWR Board of Directors 715-520-0717

Dr. Laurel Mark, Co-chair, Wisconsin chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. 608-228-8674 


Our Wisconsin Revolution stands in solidarity with striking CNH industrial workers in Racine, Wisconsin & Burlington, Iowa.


June 16, 2022

1,200 agricultural and construction equipment workers at 2 CNH (Case New Holland) factories went on strike nearly two months ago. Workers are angered by low pay, substandard benefits, and forced overtime. They have decried dangerous and even degrading working conditions; and subsequently the hiring of scab workers to take their place. 

Among other things, the CNH workers, represented in labor negotiations by United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 180 are demanding; a $10 per hour wage increase, the restoration of COLA (cost of living allowance) and secure pensions. 

CNH, a multinational conglomerate, saw revenues of $14.6 billion in the first quarter of 2022. That number is up 13% from the first quarter of 2021. As the cost of living skyrockets for employees and their families CNH has left wages flat, benefits slim and working conditions bleak. 

Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR) will use all our capacity to support these striking workers in their time of need. 

We encourage all our members, volunteers, followers: anyone who reads this to spread word of this strike. Talk about it with your neighbors. Tell them the details, discuss in your daily life how the ruling elite, which includes massive abundantly lucrative corporations like CNH; love nothing better than when we fight amongst ourselves along political party lines, and over cultural issues of the day.  

When the ruling elite look down from their towers, from their penthouse board rooms and see the mass of people standing together, differences cast aside, unwavering, surrounding and moving in… the fear they’ll feel then will bring about the change we all deserve. 

These workers are not just striking for themselves, they’re striking for all of us. 


Follow OWR social media for: information on the strike, details, updates, events and ways you can help.


Our Wisconsin Revolution Opposes the Supreme Court's Draft to Overturn Roe v. Wade.


May 4, 2022

Our Wisconsin Revolution stands firmly against the Supreme Court's draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade. We believe this is a reckless and purely political decision by an extremely partisan supreme court. This decision could lead to millions of people losing their access to much needed reproductive care. With reproductive rights left to the states, millions of Americans will lose or are at risk of losing the reproductive care they deserve. This is first and foremost a class issue: overturning Roe v. Wade will impact low income women and disadvantaged groups the most. History tells us that this decision will not save lives, but will effectively put more lives at risk, as more doctors and patients could be forced to take desperate measures to provide basic reproductive healthcare.


This decision would immediately impact Wisconsin patients: if Roe v. Wade is overturned, a law from 1849 would go into effect and immediately ban abortion in Wisconsin.

We must do everything in our power to protect the privacy and freedom of all Americans to choose what they do with their bodies. Our Wisconsin Revolution calls on the U.S. Senate to take immediate action to end the filibuster and codify Roe v. Wade into law.


Our Wisconsin Revolution Endorses Tom Nelson for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate Seat.


April 28, 2022

WISCONSIN--Today Our Wisconsin Revolution is excited to announce that we are endorsing Tom Nelson for Wisconsin’s U.S. senate seat. Tom was selected to be endorsed by the members of Our Wisconsin Revolution. From April 18th to the 23rd we held a member vote, in which Tom Nelson earned 77.8% of the ballots cast per ranked choice voting. Tom is a fierce advocate for Medicare for All, he stands with workers, and he understands the need to tackle the climate crisis. Our members understand that just beating Ron Johnson is not enough. In order to make real change we must elect someone who will put the priorities of working families above the priorities of the wealthy and corporations. We believe that Tom Nelson is that candidate, and know if elected he will continue to be the voice for working people.  

OWR: Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent social justice organization working to make both our economy and our government a true democracy—of, by and for the people. OWR was born out of the 2016 Bernie campaign to continue the movement he began. To learn more about OWR please visit our website at



Our Wisconsin Revolution Stands Against the Medicare Direct Contracting Program.


January 12, 2022

OWR Calls on Elected Officials to Stop the Privatization of Medicare

The United States is currently the only industrialized country that does not guarantee healthcare to all of its citizens and the only country that has medical bankruptcies. As a result, over 45 thousand people die per year. That is why OWR fully supports Medicare for All. Everyone in this country deserves quality healthcare regardless of age, race, or economic status. Despite not having a universal healthcare system, we must protect our current Medicare system. 


Under the Trump administration, the Department of Health and Human Services launched a pilot program known as Medicare Direct Contracting, or DCE. This program has continued under Biden appointee Xavier Becerra. DCE can automatically enroll Medicare beneficiaries into a third-party commercial insurer and other for profit companies to manage care for seniors. If this program is left unchecked, more than 30 million seniors could be enrolled into this program without their knowledge or consent, since DCE is not overseen by Congress. DCE could lead to higher cost for taxpayers, and less freedom for seniors to manage their own care. Right now Medicare spends 98% of its budget on patient care. Commercial insurers are only required to spend 60% of their revenues on patient care and can keep the rest for their own profit. Medicare is clearly more efficient than any private insurer who profits off our aging and illness.


Our Wisconsin Revolution stands firmly against this blatant attempt to privatize Medicare. This is a clear attempt to pad the pockets of wall street and others for profit entities. We will not allow their greed to take down the most popular program that exists in the United States. We are calling on Wisconsin’s elected congressional delegation; Representatives  Bryan Steil, Ron Kind, Gwen Moore, Scott Fitzgerald, Glenn Grothman, Tom Tiffany, Mike Gallagher, Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, as well as the Biden administration to put an end to this program immediately.


Please join us to fight this attempt to Privatize Medicare by signing this petition.


Corporate Democrats Killed Build Back Better.

December 20, 2021


On Sunday, Senator Joe Manchin announced on Fox News that he would not vote for the Build Back Better Act, ending a long, painful, and revealing process about Joe Biden’s economic agenda. Many blame Manchin for engaging in bad faith and sabotaging months of negotiations. But the defeat of Build Back Better is the only logical conclusion of the politics of “nothing will fundamentally change.” 


The White House insisted on splitting the economic agenda from the desperately-needed investments in infrastructure, allowing the “bipartisan infrastructure bill” to be corrupted with corporate language and handouts. Corporate Democrats worked overtime to strip this legislation on behalf of Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry, while leadership hid behind absurd procedural obstacles like the “filibuster,” the “CBO score,” and the “Parliamentarian,” because Big Money is calling the shots.


Senator Joe Manchin is not solely to blame. By prioritizing the positive press of “bipartisanship” over the needs of the American working class, the White House and Corporate Democrats jeopardized these policies from the very beginning. This defeat also lies at the feet of Pramila Jayapal and all but six members of the Progressive Caucus, who at the last minute abandoned their pledge to tie Build Back Better and the Infrastructure Bill together, surrendering all of their leverage to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. And it would be remiss not to also blame the far-right Republican Party, who stood in lockstep opposition to every single component of this bill, denying support to their own constituents on delusional claims of “socialism” or “wokeness.”


This entire charade is the end result of a party that has no real interest in governing. This is the end game of the neoliberal Democratic Party. Now more than ever, this nation needs a political revolution, because when Big Money calls the shots, working people lose.


OWR Statement on The Justice Department’s Jacob Blake Decision.


October 9, 2021

Yesterday, we learned that the Justice Department will not pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against Kenosha Police Department officer Rusten Sheske for his involvement in the Aug 23, 2020 shooting of 30-year-old Jacob Blake. Not only is this a slap in the face to the Blake family, but to all who stood and protested nationally, for weeks on end, in the name of justice. Despite the massive protests following the death of George Floyd, and despite campaign promises of many opportunistic politicians; we continue to see police commit heinous human rights abuses with complete impunity across this nation. This is not only a failure of the police departments themselves, but the failure of a system that refuses to hold power accountable. Communities of color are supposed to look to the justice system for protection. How can this be possible when time and time again the system proves the protection of institutions is more important than the protection of black lives? Agree with the wording or not, calls to defund the police were born of these continued injustices. The system was built not to protect and serve communities of color, but to conquer and control them. It is clear that this system cannot be reformed. A fundamentally broken system leaves no other option than being torn down and built anew. America requires a justice system that puts human life first, not property, not capital, not profits. It is time for the justice system to reflect the constitutional value that all are created equal. Until there is justice for all, there can be no true justice. 

Our Wisconsin Revolution calls for an end to qualified immunity and broken windows policing, and for police, who are involved in violent cases, to be independently investigated and prosecuted. We stand firmly behind the Blake family and the activists who continue to fight for a justice system that treats communities of color with respect and dignity.

Executive Director

Andre Walton


Adding Insult to Injury.


Republicans who control both houses of Wisconsin’s legislature have signaled they intend to gavel in and immediately gavel out of a special session called by Governor Tony Evers on Medicaid expansion without debating or voting on the proposed legislation. This childish response of state legislative leaders to the governor’s call to action is a classic example of adding insult to injury.

The injury is foolishly turning down $1.6 billion in available federal funds, denying insurance coverage to 91,000 people who stand to be covered if the funds are accepted, and causing state taxpayers to pay more to insure fewer. Adjourning without debating the issue is the insult.

Our Wisconsin Revolution is one of more than 40 groups that are part of the Coalition for a Just Wisconsin Budget working together to advocate for Medicaid expansion among other things. The coalition is committed to continuing to work to expose the folly of decisions being made by legislative budget writers and keep the pressure on for Medicaid expansion and other fiscal measures benefiting working class residents until the very end of the budget process.


Our Wisconsin Revolution Appoints New Executive Director.


Today Our Wisconsin Revolution, an independent social justice organization, announced that it has appointed Andre Walton as their new Executive Director. Andre graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, where he majored in General Management. Andre is a committed activist that has worked to get money out of politics, worked on Mike McCabe’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign, as an organizer, and has fought for social reform in this state. We are proud to have Andre as our new Executive Director, and look forward to seeing him bring a fresh new perspective to this organization. 

On his hiring, OWR’s new Executive Director Andre Walton had this to say. “All my life I’ve struggled socially and economically to get by in life. As I grew older I learned a lot of what I went through was directly tied to politics and the unjust nature of the system that we live in. I will use this opportunity to fight against the system that holds people down, and will continue to hold politicians accountable who do not adequately represent their constituents. It’s time we put the power back where it needs to be, and that’s in the hands of the people.” 


Citizens applaud Milwaukee County Board approval of resolution supporting Medicare for All.


MILWAUKEE COUNTY, WI –  The Milwaukee County Board passed a resolution today in support of the Medicare for All Act of 2019. 

The County Board consideration of the resolution sends a strong message to Wisconsin’s federal legislators that the residents of Milwaukee County are demanding an end to for-profit health care in favor of a universal system without copays or out-of-pocket costs.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, 30 million Americans lacked health insurance, and an additional 57 million had health insurance but were still unable to afford needed health care. The record levels of unemployment in the past year increased those numbers, as millions lost their employer-sponsored health insurance along with their jobs.

Today’s resolution by the county board acknowledged that the pandemic further exposed the dangers of our fragmented, profit-driven health care system, which left far too many people in Wisconsin more vulnerable to diseases like Covid-19.

Ryan Clancy, supervisor for District 4, said, “As both someone who has gone most of the pandemic without health insurance, and as an elected who has seen the disaster that befalls households who are hit with unexpected health emergencies, I was proud to champion this resolution. Medicare for All should be a human right and it is long overdue.” 

Andre Walton, southeast regional organizer for Our Wisconsin Revolution, said, “The passage of this resolution shows the power of organizing and activism. Change doesn’t come from the top down, but from the bottom up. And we will continue to fight for change until Medicare for All is guaranteed to all Americans.” 

Rachael Steidl, DSA regional organizer, said, “I am happy to see our Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors stand together to support the health of all Milwaukee residents.” 

Milwaukee County is part of a growing movement of city and county boards across the United States that are calling for Congress to pass Medicare for All. More than 300 local efforts are under way with more than 55 local resolutions passed in cities and counties as diverse as Los Angeles, Knoxville, Philadelphia, South Bend, New Orleans, and Kalamazoo.

Information about the growing grassroots movement demanding that Congress pass the Medicare for All Act of 2021 can be found at resolution was passed thanks to the hard work of everyday working class people, who care about the health of the people. Supporting organizations include Our Wisconsin Revolution- Milwaukee, Milwaukee DSA, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin.


Tell Gov. Evers to appoint indigenous leaders to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board.


This year saw one of the most horrific environmental disasters in Wisconsin history: a wolf slaughter during the height of breeding season, at the behest of an out-of-state hunting group, with the blessing of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board.

It started on February 2 when an Kansas group called Hunter Nation filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County, demanding that Wisconsin immediately hold a wolf hunt. A judge ordered the hunt to proceed, and the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board complied – even though there were just a few days of hunting season left.

The board set a quota of 200 wolves to be killed, out of a population of just over 1,000 — or about 20% — during a time when many female wolves are pregnant.

They then sold 4,000 permits to kill those wolves — meaning 20 people were gunning for each wolf.

Tell Gov. Evers to appoint tribal members to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board

Unlike most states, Wisconsin allows night hunting and trapping of wolves, and is the only state to allow the cruel practice of using dogs to run down prey.

Also unlike other states, Wisconsin allows a hunt to go on for 24 hours after a quota has been reached — practically guaranteeing it will be overshot.

And that’s exactly what happened. In two days, mostly out-of-state hunters slaughtered 218 of Wisconsin’s wolves that we know of — it’s likely more were killed than reported.

Of the 200-wolf quota, 81 were alloted to the Ojibwe tribal groups of Wisconsin. The Ojibwe consider wolves sacred. Only 119 wolves were supposed to actually be killed.

That means hunters slaughtered almost twice their allotment, including all of the wolves belonging to the Ojibwe.

Tell Gov. Evers to appoint indigenous leaders to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board

Tribal groups are supposed to be consulted before any wolf quotas are set. But the lone tribal biologist left the Natural Resources Board meeting to discuss the quota when the board ignored his input.

“It’s so disappointing, the hurried plan to kill ma’iingan,” said John D. Johnson, chairman of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Voigt Intertribal Task Force, which advises the commission on natural resources policy. Ma’iingan is the Ojibwe name for the wolf.

“It’s an extreme disappointment on many levels,” said GLIFWC public information officer Dylan Jennings. “I think it really full-on demonstrated the lack of respect and the lack of commitment to co-management on the state’s part.”

There is a solution to prevent this from happening again: Appoint tribal members to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board. By statute the board has seven members, appointed by the governor for six year terms. No current members of the Natural Resources Board are indigenous — but two have terms that end in May.

Tell Gov. Evers to appoint tribal members to those seats. Wisconsin must never again conduct a wolf hunt without the express input of the tribes.


Grassroots activists seek $15 minimum wage.


Members and supporters of Our Wisconsin Revolution have sent nearly 100 letters to Wisconsin Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson demanding their elected officials support a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

These grassroots activists asked the senators to tell Vice President Kamala Harris to overrule the Senate parliamentarian and keep the $15 minimum wage provision in the American Rescue Plan covid relief bill, as well as to abolish the filibuster, a procedural relic used in the past to block civil rights legislation and now threatening other progressive programs.

“A recent study found that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would lift 32 million workers out of poverty — including 843,000 in Wisconsin,” the letter stated. “Of these Wisconsinites, the majority are women and people of color working on the front lines during a pandemic.”

The American Rescue Plan providing $1.9 trillion in coronavirus relief passed the U.S. House on a mostly party-line vote of 219-212 on February 27. Included in the House version was a provision to gradually raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. 

Now the American Rescue Plan is headed to the Senate, where the $15 minimum wage is in jeopardy because the relief package is going through a process called reconciliation, which allows the bill to be passed by a simple majority rather than a filibuster-proof majority of 60 votes.

Under Senate rules, only items relevant to the federal budget can be passed through reconciliation. However, an unelected Senate parliamentarian found that the minimum wage increase is not related to the federal budget and shouldn’t be in the covid relief bill.

“We disagree with the parliamentarian’s decision,” the letter stated. “Giving workers a much-needed raise would allow them to get off federal assistance, saving billions of dollars in taxpayer money and letting people spend more at local businesses, revitalizing the economy for everyone. The minimum wage has not been raised since 2007 – this is long overdue.”

The parliamentarian’s decision is not binding. It is an advisory position that can be overruled by Vice President Harris, and has been overruled by vice presidents in the past. Grassroots activists are asking their senators to tell Harris to ignore the parliamentarian and keep the $15 minimum wage in the American Rescue Plan.

A related issue is the filibuster — an arcane procedure that allows any senator to speak for hours or even days to hold up any piece of legislation unless at least 60 other senators vote to close debate. That’s why legislation not passed through reconciliation needs at least 60 votes.

“In a Senate divided 50-50 along party lines, with only a tie-breaking vote from the vice president, that just won’t do,” the letter stated. “We will never be able to pass our progressive agenda that the vast majority of Americans support — Medicare for All, Green New Deal, student loan forgiveness, criminal justice reform, and more — as long as these programs can be filibustered by a single senator.”

Our Wisconsin Revolution’s letter campaign to Sens. Baldwin and Johnson continues through the weekend. 


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