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Candidates For Change

Our Wisconsin Revolution

Candidates for Change is an organizing and training program to support independent progressive candidates and campaign managers for local offices including city councils, village boards, county boards, and school boards. We seek to support prospective candidates by working around issues like building a platform, voter outreach and ground game, building a team, fundraising as a progressive, and what happens after you win. The individual modules will be held on Zoom and led by progressive electeds across the state! Don't miss your chance to step up and represent your community!

Programs (held via Zoom) include:

  • August 15th: After You Win with Juliana Bennett 

  • August 17th: Platform and Building a Team with Jessica 


  • August 22nd: Fundraising with Tom Nelson

  • August 24th: Canvassing, Data Collection, and Candidate Care with Francesca Hong, Darrin Madison, and Ryan Clancy

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August 15th

Program instructors:

Session Recordings

We will be uploading the session recordings below for anyone who was unable to attend but would still like to access the information.

Session #1: After You Win with Juliana Bennett

Session #2: Platform and Building a Team with Jessica

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