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What’s your platform?

Our platform is up on our website. It currently has many planks (78!), but is basically organized around four big things we want for Wisconsin:

A Real Democracy: Democracy’s been trashed in Wisconsin, and we’ve got to get it back. That means again drawing fair election districts, making voting secure and convenient for all, getting big money out of politics, voting rules that weight all views the same, improving government transparency, restored home rule, free association and the right to organize, standards on public performance and honesty, ending corrupt privatization, and recommitting to extinguish racism and sexism and respecting human rights. Pretty basic.

An Economy that Works For All: This means raising income and living standards and reducing inequality and waste by taking the “high road” instead of the “low road” in economic policy and development. Instead of treating people like road kill and the earth like a sewer, and democratic government has something to mock and starve and corrupt we’d like to invest in people, increase flourishing, and make government both accountable to the people and more efficient in its operation. We think Wisconsin could have a very bright material future, but that requires doing our knitting better and respecting real people more than private corporations. The program has lots of details on what that means, but it comes down to working together to reduce waste, add value, and capture and share the material benefits of doing both, locally.

Quality Public Goods and Services: Wisconsin has never been a rich state and doesn’t have exceptional natural resources. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have the best quality life on earth. It does mean, and it’s always meant, that we need to work together and pool our individual resources to build great public goods for all that advance our shared convictions about what a good life, for all, requires. Providing them gives everyone a shot at that life, every kid a chance at greatness and contribution. What are these goods? Great public schools, a clean environment, safe and healthy communities, high-performing transportation, energy, and communication systems, quality human services including health care, and a robust democracy to choose and defend and improve all those things. Unfortunately, in recent years we’ve let the quality of all these public goods decline. We need to get them back.

Fair Taxes: We can certainly afford a better quality public goods and more respect and opportunity for all. But everybody’s got to pay their fair share, which means that burdens should be roughly equal, which means revenue based on the ability to pay. We really want to improve the efficiency of government, but we also want the government we choose to have the money to do the job we ask of it. Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. We all pay them, based on our ability, or say goodbye to civilization. It’s really as simple as that.

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