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What’s OWR about? Why have you started it, and what’s your goal?

OWR is about mobilizing the power of organized people against the reckless abuse of power by rich elites. We started it because we’re sick of what’s happening in this country and this state. In both, public life has been coarsened and corrupted by a swarm of greedy, rules-rigging, billionaire takers. But we believe both can be set right by organized citizen action.

Our goal is to make Wisconsin a democracy, with a government by and for the people. That would be good for the people of Wisconsin and also set an example for the nation. In national politics, Wisconsin has long punched above its weight. In the past, the effect was often pretty good. Lately, it’s been awful; Walker’s Wisconsin has become Trump’s America. But it can be great and good again if we make Wisconsin an example of the power of a real democracy.

Doing this is also part of our goal.

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