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Summit Aims to Mobilize People to Counter Big Money

Voices that are too often unheard or ignored and critical problems that are going unsolved will be center stage at the Wisconsin Organize to Win Summit on Saturday, February 29.

People from across the state have signed up to attend the gathering at the Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park Street, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Among the featured speakers will be teen climate activists Stephanie Salgado and Max Prestigiacomo, ex-inmate and criminal justice reform advocate Carl Fields, immigration lawyer Shabnam Lotfi, and steelworker and union activist Randy Bryce. Congressman Mark Pocan will give welcoming remarks and Our Wisconsin Revolution director Mike McCabe will emcee the event. Other speakers will tell personal stories of struggling to gain access to medical care, dealing with economic insecurity and financial instability, and challenging the political system by running for local or state office.

Stephanie Salgado
Max Prestigiacomo
Carl Fields
Shabnam Lotfi
Randy Bryce

“Our state and our country have gotten to a dangerous place, seemingly numb to intensifying inequality, fiddling while our planet burns, passively watching democracy slip from our grasp. The last thing we should do is sit home alone,” McCabe said. “That’s why we decided to create this opportunity for people to come together to network, to strategize and to organize. Huge sums of money are flooding into Wisconsin to influence our elections. Mobilizing people in our state is the best way to answer all the outside money.”