Petition to STOP Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald’s Power Grab.

We’ve volunteered countless hours, we’ve voted, we’ve celebrated our victories and sorted through the data. Win or lose, we are are changing our state and making a difference in communities all over Wisconsin! Our fight didn’t end on November 6th. We are still here, ready to hold are elected officials accountable and right now, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Sign our petition and tell Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, and Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald, to uphold the integrity of our election.

Shortly after Tony Evers was voted in as the next Governor of Wisconsin, Vos and Fitzgerald stated that they’d “look into limiting the powers of the Governor” before January 2019 when Evers will be seated. Their desperate power-grab threatens our democracy. This authoritarian action is unfair, dangerous and makes apparent their disregard for the sanctity of our votes.

Your signature will send them a message: sign and share our petition TODAY.

We must keep our representatives in check by calling out these unjust actions when we see them. Together we can give Wisconsinites a fighting chance at a more just and equitable future, a future that benefits all of us.