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OWR to Host Climate Action Town Hall

Join us for a Climate Action Town Hall sponsored by the Northeast region chapters of Our Wisconsin Revolution in the Fox Valley, Green Bay, and Northwoods.

This virtual town hall will take place Saturday, October 24, from 7 to 9 p.m. Register here to receive the meeting call-in information:

So far we have speakers on:

  • The climate crisis in Wisconsin
  • What a Green New Deal could look like
  • How to pay for a Green New Deal
  • Youth climate activism
  • Carbon fee and dividend

We will have a bonus appearance by OWR-endorsed political candidates from the Northeast region — and we want to hear from you! We will have poll questions after each speaker as well as an extended Q and A at the event. Come prepared to learn a lot and share your thoughts on the climate crisis.

Get the meeting link by registering here:

Photo: Climate Strike at the Wisconsin State Capitol, September 20, 2019, by Archan Jane Sramek