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Our Wisconsin Revolution Appoints New Executive Director

Today Our Wisconsin Revolution, an independent social justice organization, announced that it has appointed Andre Walton as their new Executive Director. Andre graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, where he majored in General Management. Andre is a committed activist that has worked to get money out of politics, worked on Mike McCabe’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign, as an organizer, and has fought for social reform in this state. We are proud to have Andre as our new Executive Director, and look forward to seeing him bring a fresh new perspective to this organization. 

On his hiring, OWR’s new Executive Director Andre Walton had this to say. “All my life I’ve struggled socially and economically to get by in life. As I grew older I learned a lot of what I went through was directly tied to politics and the unjust nature of the system that we live in. I will use this opportunity to fight against the system that holds people down, and will continue to hold politicians accountable who do not adequately represent their constituents. It’s time we put the power back where it needs to be, and that’s in the hands of the people.”