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Our Wisconsin Revolution Endorses Candidates Statewide



Contact: Grace Wagner,

October, 16th 2018

Our Wisconsin Revolution, a non-profit statewide political organization, has endorsed progressive candidates throughout Wisconsin. These endorsements come with the action and advocacy of their over 10,000 supporters and members.  

“We don’t play favorites. We don’t care about party politics. We don’t care how much money a candidate has raised or whether or not they are supposed to have the best chance of winning. No groveling, no ring kissing, no favors,” said Our Wisconsin Revolution Co-Chair, Terrance Warthen.  “We are a purely democratic organization. We care about the quality of the people we are endorsing. We care about their beliefs and the vision that they have for the state of Wisconsin. We also believe in their commitment to fight for Progressive ideals which benefit all Wisconsinites.”

Our Wisconsin Revolution has closed their endorsement process for the November 6th, 2018 election. The following is a list of the fantastic candidates, many running for office for the first time. These candidates are teachers, veterans, parents and small business owners who have been propelled to run for office and fight for a better Wisconsin. Every OWR endorsed candidate agrees with the vast majority of The OWR platform and if elected will work to implement those platform goals. Members and supporters of Our Wisconsin Revolution will be calling, texting, emailing, writing and canvassing for these candidates over the coming weeks:

State Assembly, District 5 Matt Lederer State Assembly, District 35 –Mark Martello State Assembly, District 93 –Charlene Warner
State Assembly, District 14 –Robyn Vining State Assembly, District 41 –Frank Buress State Senate, District 5 –
Julie Henszey
State Assembly, District 15 Lillian Cheesman State Assembly, District 42 –Ann Groves Lloyd State Senate, District 9 – 
Kyle Whelton
State Assembly, District 21 Gabriel Gomez State Assembly, District 49 Mike Mooney State Senate, District 17 –  Kriss Marion
State Assembly, District 22 –Aaron Matteson State Assembly, District 55 –Dan Schierl State Senate, District 21 –
Lori Hawkins
State Assembly, District 25 –Jennifer Estrada State Assembly, District 61 –Gina Walkingon US Senate –
Tammy Baldwin
State Assembly, District 26 –Rebecca Clarke State Assembly, District 63 –Joel Jacobsen Governor –
Tony Evers
State Assembly District 27 –Nanette Bulebosh State Assembly, District 67 –Wren Keturi Lt. Governor –
Mandela Barnes
State Assembly, District 28 –Kim Butler State Assembly, District 84 Erica Flynn State Treasurer –
Sarah Godlewski
State Assembly, District 31 Brittany Keyes State Assembly, District 86 –Nancy Stencil Attorney General –
Josh Kaul
State Assembly, District 32 –Katherine Gaulke State Assembly, District 89 Ken Holdorf


Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, democratic-populist organization that aims to take Wisconsin’s democracy back from corporate elites and make it of, by and for the people.

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