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October Newsletter

OWR’s Monthly Newsletter, Oct. ’18

10/1/18 – Find out what Our Wisconsin Revolution members and their chapters have been up to this past month.



In the past week, we have endorsed another round of candidates. Every OWR endorsed candidate agrees with the vast majority of our platform and if elected will work to implement our platform goals.

Our Wisconsin Revolution along with our membership is proud to endorse the following candidates:

This month, Our Wisconsin Revolution also went through a statewide endorsement process for the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. We are proud to announce our endorsement of Tony Evers for Governor and Mandela Barnes for Lt. Governor.


These candidates are teachers, veterans, parents and small business owners who have been propelled to run for office and fight for a better Wisconsin.


We need all hands on deck. With 36 days until the midterm election every minute of volunteer time helps to get these people-powered candidates elected. Is there a candidate that you and your chapter support? Do you need help getting started or making a greater impact in your community? OWR is here to help!

We are here to provide training and tools to help expand your chapters reach. Here are some ways to support OWR endorsed candidates:

If you are interested in supporting these candidates, reach out to Grace,, or Kathryn, Both Grace and Kathryn are available to train you and your chapter on how to use the tools necessary to reach voters in Wisconsin.


Ken Germanson, Milwaukee

One man’s story speaks to need for universal health care

“Richard is a family acquaintance.  In his sixties, but still several years away from Medicare, Richard is an example of how Obamacare has likely saved his ability to work and may even have saved his life.

Our friend is a family man and the devoted, caring father of two.  Like many Americans, Richard never went to college and never learned a specific skill.  In spite of being a hard worker who always shows up on time at the job, he’s had trouble maintaining any long term employment, due often to the temporary nature of available work.  Thus, he’s rarely had health insurance.

Several years ago, while he was in his late fifties, Richard began to tire easily, to lose his hair and to begin to lose teeth so that he could no longer eat solid food.  His fatigue was so bad that he shunned family gatherings, even those at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Yet, he struggled each morning, rising at 4:30 a.m. to arrive early on his low-paying job – a job without health insurance.

Along came Obamacare.  Richard finally went to see a doctor and learned he had a serious thyroid deficiency.  The doctor prescribed medication – largely paid for through Obamacare – and Richard soon became a new man: his hair began to grow back onto his head, his energy picked up, but, alas, his teeth were gone.  He returned to the family gatherings again and – most importantly – he finally got a job with good pay, health insurance, vacations and the opportunity for plenty of overtime.

The fact is that Richard would likely never have gotten his new and better job without regaining his health.  The job is a demanding and tiring one, but it’s interesting and fulfilling. Life is better for him and his family.  Soon he will be paying taxes again, instead of having an income so low that his family was eligible for earned income tax credit.

Richard’s story is a win-win!  He wins, his family wins, and all of America wins.  He is now a contributing member of society. His health is good so that he rarely goes to a doctor, except for checkups on his thyroid condition.  

There are many success stories like Richard’s because of Obamacare. Richard’s story is important because he is part of the demographic whose health has deteriorated in recent years. A recent study showed that middle-aged white men without college degrees were dying at faster rates, due largely to an economy that has left them behind to grub for low-pay jobs without health insurance.  Ironically, this is the demographic that voted heavily for Donald Trump and the Republicans who would deny them the very health care access they critically need.

This November 6th, America has a chance to not only save Obamacare from being more completely desiccated by Republicans (who almost unanimously wish to kill the plan) but to improve upon Obamacare’s promise to build a healthier America.  While Obamacare is not the comprehensive, single-payer health plan that many of us prefer, it is still a system that is preserving the health of millions of Americans.

As we campaign this fall, we must tell the story of Obamacare – that it is good for ALL Americans, not merely those like Richard who benefit directly from access to doctors, hospitals and clinics.  And, let’s hope those we elect in November will not only save Obamacare, but will strive for an even better health plan, one with universal access. We all benefit when everyone is healthy and happy.

–Ken Germanson, OWR Milwaukee Steering Committee Member


People’s Climate March (9/8) – We marched in Milwaukee and we marched up in the Northwoods for a transition to 100% clean renewable energy and investments in good, clean jobs. Our members called for a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all – not more stalling, no more delays – we need climate justice NOW!

Fighting Bob Fest (9/14-9/17)- Our Wisconsin Revolution in collaboration with the with Progressive Magazine brought Fighting Bob Fest to cities all across Wisconsin. OWR – La Crosse hosted a day filled with speakers, trainings, music, and food, while OWR – Milwaukee invited participants to experience Fighting Bob Fest through a one-man show written and performed by Josh Fox, The Truth Has Changed.

Eau Claire Grassroots Festival (9/22 – 9/23) – Chapter leaders and Board Members from Wolf River and Sauk County tabled and participated in a weekend filled with progressive activism!

National Voter Registration Day (9/25) – On National Voter Registration Day we coordinated a text effort to urge our members to check their voter registration and ask their friends and family to check their voter registration as well. Use to check registration, find your polling place and view sample ballots.


Early Voting (10/1) – Early Voting starts TODAY! Visit your city or county clerks office to cast your ballot before November 6th.

Phone-bank for Lori Hawkins (10/1, 10/3, 10/5) – Join us in phone-banking for OWR and OR endorsed candidate, Lori Hawkins. Lori is running for State Senate in District 21(Bristol, Racine, Mount Pleasant and parts of Kenosha and Milwaukee). We are coordinating a statewide effort to phone-bank for her and other OWR endorsed candidates. Sign up for a timeslot and help support candidates from the comfort of your own home. RSVP to HERE to phone-bank.

Do Black Votes Matter? (10/2) – A conversation with Reggie Jackson regarding the myriad dimensions of this question. Check out this facebook event page.

Postcard Writing in Dane County (10/6 and 10/13)- Our Wisconsin Revolution-Dane County, United Faculty and Academic Staff, and Indivisible Madison are teaming up to provide FREE childcare so you can send postcards and texts to progressive, pro-labor candidates. RSVP here for more information.

Wausau Grassroots Festival (10/20)- This is the second annual Wausau Grassroots Festival! Workshops, political candidates, music, food, and fun are included! Lunch will be served. Learn more about the event on their facebook page HERE!


Being a statewide organization it’s difficult to keep up with the pulse of things happening outside of your chapter. Joining a committee is a great way to stay up to date on issues that you value and meet members from around the state.

We have a number of committees that would flourish with more member involvement. Please consider joining any of the committees listed: Communications, Policy & Platform, Political Strategy, Endorsement, Events, Popular Education, Membership, Fundraising and Volunteer Committees.

If interested please fill out the committee google form here.

Is YOUR chapter doing anything we should know about? Send along news, events, and photos to Grace at so it can be included in the next newsletter.

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