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National Organization, Our Revolution, Endorses Five Progressive Wisconsin Candidates



Contact: Grace Wagner,

October 22, 2018

Our Revolution, the national grassroots organization that was founded on the values of Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential bid, announces their endorsement of five progressive candidates running for office in the state of Wisconsin.

The announcement from the national organization, Our Revolution, complements the endorsement of 30 plus candidates by Our Wisconsin Revolution, the State Organizing Committee. The national endorsement of these five candidates will activate Our Revolution supporters for all over the country phone-banking, texting and email on their behalf.  

“Many organizations concentrate on the top-of-the-ticket races of Governor and U.S. Senate. Our Revolution and Our Wisconsin Revolution are encouraging our members to get engaged in activities that support the “down-ticket” races and statewide races that don’t get as much attention. It is important that we have representatives in all positions that will work to take control back from corporate elites and make it of, by, and for the people,” said Sarah Lloyd, Our Wisconsin Revolution Co-Chair. “We are excited to lift the recognition of these five Wisconsin candidates up to the national level.”

Our Wisconsin Revolution is one of the few organizations that are focusing on State Assembly and Senate candidates. In the time between now and election day, Our Wisconsin Revolution and Our Revolution will be ramping up robust voter contact efforts to help get out the vote for local Wisconsin candidates.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, democratic-populist organization that aims to take Wisconsin’s democracy back from corporate elites and make it of, by and for the people.  

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