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It’s Time to Pass the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act

Our Wisconsin Revolution is partnering with Coulee DSA and Physicians for a National Health Program-Wisconsin to encourage our representatives to support and co-sponsor the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act, H.R. 6906, sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

We are living through a historic health care crisis. More than 12 million Americans have been infected with Covid-19 this year, and over 250,000 of them have died. It is well past time for a unifying federal plan to ensure that all Americans have access to the health care that they need during this unprecedented time. We demand that our representatives in Congress pass the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act, S. 3790, H.R. 6906, which guarantees medically necessary care for Covid-19 to all citizens, regardless of insurance coverage, thereby saving lives and preventing a wave of medical bankruptcies.

Can you call your senators and Congressional representative to ask them to support and co-sponsor this bill? See below for an easy to follow call script!

If calling doesn’t work for you, you can quickly and easily use this letter writing tool to send them an e-mail

Here are the representatives and corresponding phone numbers:

Tammy Baldwin: (608) 264-5338
Ron Johnson: (920) 230-7250

CD1 Bryan Steil: (608) 752-4050
CD2 Mark Pocan: (608) 258-9800
CD3 Ron Kind: (608) 782-2558
CD4 Gwen Moore: (414) 297-1140
CD5 Jim Sensenbrenner: (262) 784-1111
CD6 Glenn Grothman: (920) 907-0624
CD7 Tom Tiffany: (715) 298-9344
CD8 Mike Gallagher: (920) 301-4500

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Call Script

“Hello, my name is _____, I live in (City), and I am one of your constituents. I am calling to urge you to support and cosponsor the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act, S. 3790 / H.R. 6906, sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

This bill would use Medicare to cover all health care expenses for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis. By using Medicare we could quickly and efficiently expand coverage and streamline payments through a single system to hospitals and health care providers.

This is important to me, because [explain a little here about why this is important to you] …

Talking points

  • Wisconsin is currently experiencing unacceptable numbers of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, which are overwhelming our health care systems.
  • Many Wisconsinites are out of work and have lost their health insurance
  • People who do not have health-care coverage are avoiding seeking medical treatment for Covid-19 due to worry about medical bills, compromising their own health and the health of our communities.
  • I believe that health care is a basic human right that must be extended to all Wisconsinites, regardless of their circumstances.
  • Marginalized Wisconsinites are less likely to have health-care coverage and more likely to experience poor outcomes from Covid-19 and medical emergencies due to disparities in access to care. This includes people of color, poor and working class folks, and people with disabilities, among others.
  • This bill would also benefit those who do have insurance by covering all out-of-pocket costs.
  • This bill would prevent unexpected bills, limit prescription drug prices, and ensure that no one is left without coverage due to private insurers reducing coverage during the Covid-19 emergency.
  • I personally (insert personally relevant story or information such as being without health-care coverage, having a pre-existing condition known to exacerbate Covid-19, etc.)

We cannot afford to wait any longer to ensure that everyone can access the treatment they need to manage this contagious virus. We need a universal system of care during this emergency to help our country get through this crisis. Thank you, I look forward to your response.”

If you’d like to follow up your phone call with an email, use our letter writing tool!

If you’d like to do even more, we encourage you to write a letter to the editor at your local newspaper.

Thank you for taking action to support this bill, and for supporting health care as a basic human right.