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13 Wisconsin Candidates Pledge to Support Health Care Overhaul

As coronavirus cases continue to spike across Wisconsin, with millions of people losing health care as they are laid off from their jobs, 13 progressive candidates took a pledge to support single-payer, publicly funded health care on the federal, state, and local levels at the Our Wisconsin Revolution Forum on Health Care Policy held July 18.

The forum, hosted by Dr. Richard McGowan, member of OWR’s steering committee for Dane County, and Andre Walton, OWR southeast regional organizer, featured progressive candidates running for U.S. Congress, state senate, and state assembly in Wisconsin.

The candidates discussed how single-payer health care, also known as Medicare for All, would cover the health-care needs of Wisconsin residents, especially during a pandemic. They also provided an analysis of the state and federal response to the coronavirus crisis and discussed disparities in care among low income and communities of color in our state.

Specifically, all 13 candidates pledged yes to the following questions:

Candidates attending the forum included:

You can find out more about the Our Wisconsin Revolution Forum on Health Care Policy on the Facebook event page.

Wisconsin residents will cast their vote in this year’s primary election Tuesday, August 11. Our Wisconsin Revolution’s Forum on Health Care Policy provides critical facts and analysis that voters need to make informed decisions about which candidates would represent them best. Watch it here:

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