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February Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter Feb. ’19

02/01/2019 – Find out what Our Wisconsin Revolution members and their chapters have been up to this last month.


Ever wonder what the Board of Directors is up to? Wonder no more. The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly on Sunday evenings. Read through the most recent minutes below:


Spring election season is upon us and that means the Our Wisconsin Revolution endorsement process is OPEN! As of now, we have a few endorsement requests submitted, but no official endorsements have been made.

This election cycle we are encouraging all our chapters to endorse at least one local candidate. Whether it’s School Board, County Board or City Council, these offices may be small but they are mighty and they have the ability to transform communities. At the grassroots level we have the opportunity to seat people-powered candidates in cities, towns, and villages all over Wisconsin this April, so get your endorsements requests in!

An Our Wisconsin Revolution endorsement comes with one of our most valuable resources, the power of our members. If you are a candidate running for office (or you know of one) you can request to participate in the OWR Endorsement process by emailing


Two years ago we marched, last year we rallied our power to the polls and this year we marched again. On the steps of  Wisconsin’s State Capitol people from all over the state endured the snowy weather and subzero temperatures to listen to inspiring speakers and ignite political power. Video Credit: Susan Ruggles

Our Wisconsin Revolution was an official Solidarity Sponsor for this event and we were proud to have Milwaukee Chapter leader and board member, Sara Pontillo, hold down the fort.

” While the weather put a damper on the event, people showed up bundled and in good spirits. We set up our table on the snowy sidewalk, greeted folks, and were the go-to spot for voter registration needs. Co-sponsoring the Women’s March was an absolute pleasure. I look forward to Our Wisconsin Revolution and Women’s March WI future collaborations, creating transformative social change in Wisconsin. ”
– Sara Pontillo


All over the state, our members and their chapters are busy working to transform their communities. Here are some write-ups from the last month:


Plans are in the works for the 3rd Annual Our Wisconsin Revolution Convention. Make sure to Save the date:

This year we are hosting our 3rd Annual Convention at UW-Stevens Point! The Our Wisconsin Revolution Annual Convention creates a rare opportunity for members throughout the state to converge in Stevens Point for the weekend. Trainings will be held on a variety of topics and members from our chapters will reflect and share what they have learned this past year. The OWR Annual Convention is a valuable learning experience, creates member camaraderie and cultivates valuable partnerships throughout Wisconsin.

Just like last years convention, we will have single and double occupancy dorms as well as linen packages available at a very affordable rate. *If you would prefer hotel accommodations you must book them yourself, OWR is not responsible for accommodations outside of the UWSP dorms. Please note that there are multiple events happening in Central Wisconsin the weekend of the June 21st so if hotel accommodations are a must – book them soon.

Sign up here, to be updated first on convention details like speakers and breakout sessions! If you are interested in helping plan this year’s convention, consider joining the Events Committee. Email Grace Wagner at to join!





Between now and 2020 election, Our Wisconsin Revolution is taking on two statewide campaigns (One Million for 2020 and Our Wisconsin Democracy) in an effort to unify our members and create lasting changes to Wisconsin.

One Million for 2020-

In light of the actions that followed the November 6th election, the Republican-controlled legislature made apparent their disregard for democracy by passing bills to limit voter participation in future elections. They’re counting on our complacency. But we refuse to be complacent.

The One Million for 2020 campaign is not simply another voter registration drive, but it aims to create democratic voting institutions that will withstand every election cycle. Our Wisconsin Revolution will be work to form a coordinated, efficient and lasting coalition of voting rights advocacy organizations and agencies across Wisconsin to provide fair access to all voters.

While Our Wisconsin Revolution is thrilled to see the early voting restrictions passed during December’s legislative lame-duck session overturned, we know there is still work to be done to ensure all Wisconsinites have the right to vote.

With the One Million for 2020 campaign, we’ll ensure that our fellow Wisconsinites show up in EVERY local, state and federal election. Together we will bring democracy back and it starts at the ballot box.

Join us as we engage, educate and register voters throughout Wisconsin!

Our Wisconsin Democracy –

The purpose of the Our Wisconsin Democracy campaign is to expand democracy in the state of Wisconsin by incorporating it into our everyday lives. Instead of practicing democracy once every two or four years when we enter the voting booth, the Our Wisconsin Democracy campaign challenges us to practice democracy every day.

Over the past few weeks, we have taken our first steps forward by joining the Money Out/Voters In Coalition. The Money Out/Voters In Coalition teamed up with Representative Lisa Subeck and Senator Dave Hansen to hold a press conference and introduce bills (LRB-1201/2 and LRB-1397/1) for a statewide referendum to overturn Citizens United and amend the U.S. Constitution.

Call your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to co-sponsor these bills. Corporations are not people and money is not speech, these bills will give Wisconsinites the opportunity to vote on Citizens United as a statewide referendum on the November 2020 ballot. We have until Friday, Feb. 8th.

As the Our Wisconsin Democracy campaign progresses, we’ll make sure to keep you updated on events and actions happening throughout the state.  If you’d like to get more involved in this campaign, respond to this email.


Our structure consists of these committees: Bylaws, Communications, Chapter Development, Elections & Advocacy, Events (Ad Hoc), Executive, Membership & Fundraising, Platform & Policy, Popular Education.

Joining a committee is a great way to stay up to date on issues that you value and meet members from around the state. These committees would flourish with more member involvement.

Please fill out this google form and join a committee!

Is YOUR chapter doing anything we should know about?

Send along news, events, and photos to Grace at so it can be included in the next newsletter.

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