Climate Action Town Hall: Links and Resources

More than 100 people attended Our Wisconsin Revolution’s Climate Action Town Hall last Saturday, making it the highest-attended event we have ever held. The max our Zoom account can hold is 100, but the overflow audience was able to follow along on Facebook, where you can still see the full two-hour event.

The town hall, organized by the Fox Valley, Green Bay, and Northwoods chapters of Our Wisconsin Revolution, took place Saturday, November 21, at 7 p.m.

Speakers included:

  • David Barnhill, former director of environmental studies at UW-Oshkosh and founder of Northwoods Climate Action on climate change in Wisconsin
  • Sarah Lloyd, OWR board co-chair and dairy farmer, on climate change and agriculture
  • Sara Wescott of the Menominee nation on climate action in indigenous communities
  • Cathy Cowan Becker, OWR northeast regional organizer, on what a Green New Deal could look like
  • Christina Sedall of Sunrise Appleton on youth climate activism
  • Fadhel Kaboub, president of Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity and an expert on Modern Monetary Theory on how to pay for a Green New Deal
  • Dan Dieterich of Citizens’ Climate Lobby on carbon fee and dividend

The town hall was introduced by Mike McCabe, executive director of Our Wisconsin Revolution, and moderated by David Williams, leader of OWR’s Fox Valley Chapter who works in the weatherization assistance program for the community action agency Advocap, with a land acknowledgement by Joella Striebel, northwest regional organizer for Our Wisconsin Revolution, and aspecial guest appearance by Amanda White Eagle, tribal attorney for the Ho-Chunk nation who recently ran for State Assembly in the 92nd District.

Here are the links, information, and presentations (if we have them) that we shared for each speaker during the town hall:

Welcome – Mike McCabe

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Moderator – David Williams, Fox Valley Chapter

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Land Acknowledgement – Joella Striebel, Northwest Regional Organizer

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To learn which Native lands correspond to your region, text your zip code to 907-312-5085

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Introduction – Amanda White Eagle, Candidate 92nd Assembly District

Learn more about Amanda White Eagle at 

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Climate Crisis in Northern Wisconsin – David Barnhill, Northwoods Climate Action 

See presentation slides here (pdf)

Learn more at the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts at 

Learn more at the Wisconsin State Climatology Office at

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Climate and Agriculture – Sarah Lloyd, president of Columbia County Farmers Union, co-chair of Our Wisconsin Revolution

See presentation slide here (pdf)

Learn more about the National Farmers Union’s policy on climate change at 

Learn more about Grassland 2.0 at 

Here are some concerns that farmers have about carbon markets – 

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Climate Action in the Indigenous Community – Sara Wescott, Menominee nation environmental activist

Learn more at the Northeast Indigenous Climate Resilience Network at

Learn more at the College of the Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute at 

Learn about Menikanaehkem at  

Learn more about Back Forty mine resistance at  

What Could a Green New Deal Look Like – Cathy Cowan Becker, Northeast Regional Organizer and Ready for 100 volunteer

See presentation slides here (pdf)

Find the text and cosponsors for the Green New Deal resolution at 

Here’s all the cities, counties, and states committed to 100% renewable energy – 

Wisconsin cities committed to 100% renewable energy:

  • Eau Claire
  • La Crosse
  • Madison
  • Middleton
  • Monona

Want to start a 100% renewable energy campaign in your community? Here’s a toolkit – 

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Youth Climate Activism – Christina Sedall, Sunrise Appleton

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Sunrise resource page for people over age 35 –

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How We Pay for a Green New Deal – Fadhel Kaboub, Denison University, Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity

See presentation slides here (pdf)

Find out more about the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity at 

Learn more about Modern Monetary Theory in The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton at 

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Carbon Fee and Dividend – Dan Dieterich, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

See presentation slides here (pdf)

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