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Bernie Sanders Visits Wisconsin for OWR Endorsed Candidate Tammy Baldwin



Contact: Grace Wagner,

Eau Claire, WI – Our Wisconsin Revolution announced their endorsement of Senator Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate during their 2nd Annual Convention, June 22nd – 24th, at UW-Parkside. Just weeks following OWR’s endorsement announcement, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has scheduled a rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to show his support for Senator Baldwin.

WHO: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

WHAT: Rally to support the re-election of Senator Tammy Baldwin

WHERE: The Lismore Hotel, 333 Gibson St. Eau Claire, WI

WHEN: Saturday, July 14th – doors open at 8 AM

“Senator Bernie Sanders, the Progressive leader of the Senate and benchmark for Progressive politics in America, will be visiting Wisconsin on Saturday, July, 14th to show his support for OWR endorsed Senator Tammy Baldwin. Along with Senator Sanders, Senator Baldwin introduced the Medicare for All bill, supports the America’s College Promise Act for free two-year community college and has championed tax breaks for the middle class and those working to attain that vanishing status. Both Senator Sanders and Senator Baldwin acknowledge their important partnership in the Senate and want to continue their vital work together,” said Our Wisconsin Revolution Co-Chair, Terrance Warthen. “Together they will build on Senator Sanders Progressive agenda as it rightfully takes its place as the central priority for the advancement of real American values and a government that works for all Americans, in our current political climate, and into the future.”

Seeing these Senators unite on the campaign trail sends a message to supporters throughout our state – this election is too important for the state of Wisconsin and our Nation. The combined grassroots efforts of Sanders and Baldwin supporters are essential to Senator Baldwin’s re-election in the fall. Our Wisconsin Revolution endorses Senator Tammy Baldwin in her campaign for re-election to the U.S. Senate.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, democratic-populist organization that aims to take Wisconsin government back from corporate interests and make it of, by and for the people.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution Participates in Demonstration Against Foxconn


CONTACT: Grace Wagner, OWR Communications Director,
June, 28th 2018

Mount Pleasant, WI— In anticipation of President Trump’s arrival for the Foxconn groundbreaking in Mount Pleasant, Our Wisconsin Revolution along with over 30 other partner organizations will participate in a rally and peaceful protest.

WHO: Our Wisconsin Revolution along with over 30 other coalition organizations
WHAT: Operation: Shake the Ground – A protest against the Foxconn groundbreaking
WHEN: Thursday, June 28th 2018, 12pm – 2pm
WHERE: Smolinski Park – 438 S Stuart Rd, Mt Pleasant, WI 53406

“We are standing in solidarity with the landowners, both in Mount Pleasant, where their property has been illegally defined as “blighted,” and in Somers, where acres and acres of privately owned homes and farmland have been re-designated from ‘protected farmland’ to ‘commercial/Industrial use’ in preparation for Foxconn,” said Esther Roberts, an Our Wisconsin Revolution Board Member. “These hardworking, tax-paying, community involved Wisconsin families are being forcibly displaced without fair compensation to make room for a foreign company with a history of employee abuse and an environmental track record that threatens our natural resources. Foxconn has already been promised 3 billion dollars in tax breaks, that 3 billion will become a burden to bear for Wisconsinites all around the state. Our Wisconsin Revolution stands with property owners, supports the fair treatment of workers and believes that every Wisconsinite has a right to clean air and clean water. That is why we are standing up in peaceful protest against Foxconn.”

Our Wisconsin Revolution will participate, officially, in the events that take place at Smolinski Park and has specifically reserved space in the Pavilion from noon to 2 pm. After 2 pm OWR will be vacating the premises. OWR applauds the efforts of all the partnering coalition groups and individuals who are participating in protests against the current administration. Our Wisconsin Revolution continues to focus on Foxconn, supporting the local property owners, protecting our environment (especially water) and the fair treatment of workers.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, grassroots, democratic-popular organization that aims to take Wisconsin back from corporate interests and make it of, by and for the people.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution Partners with Local Organizations to Host Debate

Forward Kenosha, Our Wisconsin Revolution, and Kenosha County Democratic Party partner to host Kenosha County Sheriff Primary Candidate Forum

June 28, 2018
Contact: Grace Wagner,

Kenosha, WI – In an effort to inform Kenosha area voters ahead of the August 14th primary election three groups, Our Wisconsin Revolution, Forward Kenosha, and Kenosha County Democratic Party, are hosting the Kenosha County Sheriff Primary Forum and Debate between Andy Berg and David Zoerner. Berg and Zoerner are set to face-off in the August 14th primary for the chance to run against the Republican incumbent, Dave Beth.

WHO: Forward Kenosha, Kenosha County Democratic Party and Our Wisconsin Revolution host candidates Andy Berg and Dave Zoerner
WHAT: Kenosha County Sheriff Primary Candidate Forum
WHEN: Thursday, June 28th – 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
WHERE: UAW Local 72 Hall, 3615 Washington Rd. Kenosha, WI 53144

“With the importance of law enforcement to our community, from fighting the opioid epidemic to reducing recidivism, we need a Sheriff that represents all Kenosha County residents equally,” said Our Wisconsin Revolution Co-Chair Terrance Warthen. “We hope to further the fulfillment of that need by having a robust primary and allowing residents to hear from both candidates.”

“The office of Sheriff is one that not only upholds the law and the Constitution, but also one that must value all human life and serve our community through effective partnerships. Sheriff’s serve as role models to our community and must do so with strength of character, integrity, adaptability and sound judgment,” said Forward Kenosha Acting President, Jodi Muerhoff. “We see this forum as a service to our community, providing the opportunity to interact with two of the candidates seeking this office.”

“With all the challenges facing Kenosha County during these contemporary times we need a Sheriff who understands these new difficulties and is equipped to handle them. The Sheriff has to be able to manage his office and deputies to treat all residents fairly. The Kenosha County Sheriff Department is the 3rd largest law enforcement agency in the state and needs strong leadership,” said Kenosha County Democratic Party Treasurer Sally Simpson. “The Kenosha County Democratic Party sees this forum as a chance to determine which candidate will best represent us and be a formidable challenger in the general election.”

Hosting this forum, set for late June, creates the potential for a pre-primary endorsement from any one of the organizations hosting or in attendance.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution Kicks Off 2nd Annual Convention with Candidate Mixer


June 15th, 2018
CONTACT: Grace Wagner, OWR Communications Director, (262) 344-4731,

Kenosha, WI—Our Wisconsin Revolution, a grassroots political organization, hosts its 2nd Annual Convention, bringing together people-powered candidates and roughly 250 OWR members. Activists from all over the state will converge in Kenosha, WI for a weekend of training, networking, and camaraderie.

OWR asks press and interested public to join us as we kick off our convention weekend with a candidate mixer. This mixer creates an opportunity for our members, voters and convention attendees to meet and hear from candidates running in primaries this August and running for statewide & local office this November.

WHO: Our Wisconsin Revolution
WHAT: Our Wisconsin Revolution Second Annual Convention
WHEN: Candidate Mixer, Friday, June 22nd from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.
WHERE: UW-Parkside Student Center – 900 Wood Rd. Kenosha, WI 53141

With confirmed attendance from candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Treasurer, State Senate, and State Assembly, the candidate mixer will offer candidates and constituents alike the opportunity to discuss shared values and a vision for Wisconsin’s future.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, grassroots, democratic-popular organization that aims to take Wisconsin back from corporate interests and make it of, by and for the people.

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Founding Convention Press Release – June 29 2017


Setting OWR Sights on the Future of a Wisconsin for All of Us


CONTACT: Terrance Warthen (, Sarah Lloyd (

On June 23rd and 24th, over 200 Wisconsinites, representing over 4000 total members, converged on Stevens Point for the Our Wisconsin Revolution Founding Convention. People of all ages, races, and occupations, from all eight of Wisconsin’s Congressional Districts (CDs), came together to take the next step in the political revolution that coalesced around Bernie Sanders campaign for President last year.

The message from the Convention was resounding: Wisconsin’s future will be decided by the people and communities that make up this great state — not by corporations, outside money, and the politicians they have bought!

The highlights of the platform, which was approved overwhelmingly, include getting big money out of politics; restoring local control for city and county government; requiring a living wage for working people; providing universal access to health care through “Improved Medicare for All;” free public higher education; ending mass incarceration, transitioning to a clean energy economy; fair markets for family farmers; and protecting groundwater. The platform generally insists that from here on out, Wisconsin put people and planet above profit.

OWR enabled secure, electronic ranked-choice voting for more than 20 candidates running for at-large board positions. This facilitated participation from the members all over the state. Seven candidates were elected At-Large positions on the Board of Directors. Over the summer, an additional 16 representatives will be elected; two (of differing race and/or gender identities) from each of the eight CDs.

The At-Large Directors include: Jaime Alvarado, Marina Dimitrijevic, Alicia Leinberger, Sarah Lloyd (interim co-chair), Rahul Mahajan, Joel Rogers, Terrance Warthen (interim co-chair).

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Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, democratic political organization that aims to take Wisconsin government back from corporate elites and make it of, by, and for the people.