January Newsletter

OWR’s Monthly Newsletter, Jan. ’19

01/01/19 – Happy New Year! Our Wisconsin Revolution was born a little more than a year and a half ago. We came together at our Founding Convention to lay down the groundwork for a progressive, grassroots organization unlike any other in Wisconsin. Since then, we have moved forward shaping our state to be more representative of the people that live here. During this past year, we have amassed a list of accomplishments we so proud of and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our supporters and members.

As the first day of the new year comes to a close, let’s stock of this past year. Here are some highlights for 2018:


Spring Elections: We endorsed over 30 candidates running from office from school board to State Supreme Court. During the spring election, we helped save the office of State Treasurer, supported Rebecca Dallet in her State Supreme Court victory and see over 50% of our endorsed candidates elected to office!

Wisconsin’s Choice Campaign: Our Wisconsin Revolution chapters hosted Governor Candidates Forums and members from around the state hosted “House Parties” to get more familiar with the candidates for Governor.


2nd Annual Convention: We hosted our 2nd Annual Convention in Kenosha, WI at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside. While we did conduct some business and host a number of breakout sessions and workshops, we also took some time to celebrate our official 1st birthday!

Foxconn Ground-breaking and Protest: We partnered with 30 other progressive organizations to rally and protest against the Foxconn ground-breaking in Mount Pleasant, WI. Our Wisconsin Revolution will continue to stand with homeowners, protect the environment and fight for workers right.

Special Election in SD1 and AD42: OWR members worked hard canvassing for both Caleb Frostman in Senate District 1 and Ann Groves Lloyd in Assembly District 42. On June 12th Caleb Frostmen was elected, while Ann Groves Lloyd was not.

Wisconsin’s Choice Final Four: The Final Four Candidates in the Wisconsin’s Choice Campaign were selected. The final forum is hosted in Madison, WI, live streamed and viewed by 25,000 people!

FALL ’18

Fighting Bob Fest: Again we partnered with The Progressive Magazine to bring the Fighting Bob Fest Roadshow to La Crosse, WI for a day of invigorating speakers and walking tacos. Later in the week, the FBF roadshow brought us to Milwaukee, WI for a one-of-a-kind show written and performed by Josh Fox.

Mid-term Elections: As we geared up for what was certainly one of the most important midterms of our lifetime, Our Wisconsin Revolution made some of our biggest endorsements to date. These endorsements came with the action of our members. In the months leading up to November 6th, we put forth a robust outreach and GOTV plan that included texting, phone-banking, canvassing and postcarding. We reached out to over 270,000 voters in the state of Wisconsin.


Lame Duck Session Action: After the Mid-term Elections, Republicans in the legislature drafted and passed bills that took power from the incoming Governor and Attorney General while also silencing the voices of Wisconsin voters. This act was a direct attack on Wisconsin democracy. At the suggestion of a chapter leader in Rock County, we put together a petition and hand delivered it to the offices of Representative Robin Vos and Senator Scott Fitzgerald. While at the capital, many of our members sat in front of the joint finance committee to testify against these bills. We also partnered with local groups to coordinate a rally to Respect Out Votes at the steps of the capital.


  • 01/07 – Gubernatorial Inauguration and Gala: Celebrate the swearing in and inauguration of our new Governor, Tony Evers, and Lt. Governor, Mandela Barnes.  The inauguration will take place on Monday morning with a celebratory gala at Monona Terrance later that evening.  Tickets for the Gala are currently on sale for $35 with all proceeds going directly to Big Brother, Big Sisters out of Metro Milwaukee. For more information, or to purchase tickets – visit their event page HERE!
  • 01/19 – Wisconsin Women’s March: On January 19, 2019, in Madison, WI we’re going to remind these politicians that we’ve had ENOUGH of sexist, racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, ableist, homophobic and transphobic policies and actions. Our Wisconsin Revolution is supporting the Women’s March WI as a sponsor of this year’s march. Join us at the capital and check out their Facebook event page for updates!
  • 01/19- 1 Million for 2020 campaign launch: Our Wisconsin Revolution, along with partner organizations and individual volunteers, is launching a campaign to reach 1 Million eligible voters for 2020. We will inform voters of their rights, how any changes in the law may impact them and make sure they know how to complete their voter registration. We’ll make sure that our fellow Wisconsinites show up in EVERY local, state and federal election. Together we will bring democracy back and it starts at the ballot box. Learn more on our Facebook page.


One of the many perks of being an Our Wisconsin Revolution member includes free trainings. Our Revolution National is giving OWR membership access to over 2 hours of The Action Network training. The Action Network is an online email platform that offers a multitude of tools toensuree the success of progressive organizations and campaigns.

These trainings span from beginner to advanced – check the trainings out here!


Our structure consists of these committees: Bylaws, Communications, Chapter Development, Elections & Advocacy, Events (Ad Hoc), Executive, Membership & Fundraising, Platform & Policy, Popular Education.

Joining a committee is a great way to stay up to date on issues that you value and meet members from around the state. These committees that would flourish with more member involvement. Please fill out this google form and join a committee!

CHEERS! We look forward to an amazing 2019!

Is YOUR chapter doing anything we should know about? Send along news, events, and photos to Grace at so it can be included in the next newsletter.


December Newsletter

OWR’s Monthly Newsletter, Dec. ’18

12/01/18 – Find out what our members and chapters throughout Wisconsin have been up to this last month.


The Board came together and met in person on 11/17. Together the OWR member elected board reviewed the mid-term election and made a plan as our organization moves forward into 2019 and 2020.

Leaving the meeting, the board was charged with a list of action items/goals. Listed below are the goals that were set as Our Wisconsin Revolution moves toward the April 2019 election:

Goals for December 2018

  • Action on the Lame Duck Sessions
  • Create statewide issue campaigns supported by chapters and membership.
  • Outreach to all endorsed candidates, thanking them for running and engaging them in OWR activities.

Goals for January 2019-

  • Sit down with legislators to talk about a vision for Wisconsin’s future

Goals for March 2019-

  • Each Chapter Endorse at least 1 Candidate in the April 2019 election. Endorsement cut off is Saturday, March 9th.

Goals for April 2019-

  • 10% Rise in Voter Turnout from April 2018 Election.
  • Chapter growth – Grow each chapter by 10 new members or 10% (whichever is greater).
  • Train 182 Members in tools and Ed. Create a training video with a reach of 10,000 views.
  • Grow Membership (at least 40% of OWR operating budget to come from membership). Hire Contracted Fundraisers, Link regional staff, organizers & actions to fundraising.


At the in-person board meeting, the board voted to reassess our committee structure. As with any volunteer organization, active involvement can vary for a variety of reasons. Most members give their time when they can so rather than having many committees doing a few things, the board has created a new committee structure to increase involvement and streamline our work.

Our new structure consists of these committees: Bylaws, Communications, Chapter Development, Elections & Advocacy, Events (Ad Hoc), Executive, Membership & Fundraising, Platform & Policy, Popular Education.

Joining a committee is a great way to stay up to date on issues that you value and meet members from around the state. These committees would flourish with more member involvement.

Please fill out this google form and join a committee!


Mary Kay Baum – OWR Board Member, At-Large

Big Money in 89th Assembly District

“Money flooded the banks of the 89th Assembly District – Wisconsin’s Northeast district of forests, rivers, vacation cabins, fishing tourism, port cities, family farms and the sacred Menominee homeland. This November 6, 2018, the Republican incumbent of six prior races, Rep. John Nygren, won his custom redistricted Assembly seat yet again while spending huge amounts of Out-of-District campaign funds.

In 2018 it appears Nygren spent $160,490 while his opponent, Ken Holdorf, spent $9,544. That means Nygren spent $17 for every one dollar Holdorf spent. Having received 17,091 votes, Nygren spent a whopping $9.39 per vote. Receiving 8,459 votes, Holdorf spent only $1.13 per vote. Over Nygren’s years of running for eight Assembly seats, Nygren raised well over $800,000. Now he routinely raises $200,000 per campaign and carries over $100,000 surpluses. His campaign committee donates to Republican candidates which helps Nygren stay a power in the Assembly. In 2014 he spent over $100,000 in a campaign with no opponent. Very few assembly candidates spend more than $75,000 on a contested campaign.

Since 2011 when Nygren started serving on important committees like Joint finance, almost all individual donations to Nygren have been for $100 or more (called Big Money). Being Co-Chair of Joint Finance for six years has greatly increased Nygren’s power. He is of importance to many outside moneyed interests seeing as no one has more power than Nygren when it comes to how, when and where tax money is spent.

By 2016, 90.3% of Nygren’s Big Money was Out-of-District. They featured insurance, finance, and real estate development sectors with PAC and Political Party donations are on top of that. For 2018 it is estimated at least 90% of Nygren’s 508 $100+ individual total contribution amount was Out-of-District. Meanwhile, 20% of Holdorf’s ten $100+ individual total contribution amount was Out-of-District.

It is most troubling that Nygren’s voting record matches dictates of Out-of-District donors who want reduced regulation and toxic sulfide mining again. Nygren voted for Foxconn and its sidestepping of the Great Lakes Compact. He voted to re-define wetlands to allow more development. Therefore Nygren got a fat “Zero” rating on his voting record from the Sierra Club’s John Muir Chapter.

The 2011 redistricting assured Nygren of easy re-elections. The redistricting plan is so confusing with slicing and dicing of neighborhoods that even in November 2018 some of Nygren’s constituents were given the wrong ballot in a ward divided into three assembly districts. When one drives through the 89th Assembly District or reads letters to the editor, it is apparent the communities real alarm about water. Many residents fear the growing number of polluted wells and streams from runoff and industrial pollution. Lawn signs opposing the Back 40 Mine and sulfide mining show up on lawns across partisan lines. Yet Nygren still follows his Out-of-District donor wishes.

Our Revolution, WEAC, AFL-CIO, John Muir chapter Sierra Club, Our Wisconsin Revolution, and many labor groups endorsed Ken Holdorf. But, unlike Our Wisconsin Revolution and Our Revolution, most public-interest donors prioritize candidates with a good chance of success, not candidates in districts customized for the incumbent. Without grassroots and statewide intervention, this becomes a vicious money circle. Voter suppression, unfair redistricting and Big Money out-of-district reinforce each other. Ken Holdorf has not given up and will be back for the 2020 race with a small base of $2,000 toward that race. Ken will continue to work on the issues that impact the people in the 89th Assembly district.

We know that polluted water from in one district flows to other districts. Similarly, the impact of flooding the banks of the 89th district with Big Money will also not stay in the 89th. We work together for a state that acts as a democracy that is of, by and for the people.”


On November 6th Wisconsinites elected progressive candidates to all five statewide, constitutional offices. The election of a new Governor, Lt. Governor, State Treasurer, and Attorney General sent a message to our representatives that we are ready for change.

While most see change as a good thing, the Republicans in the legislature are scared of losing their tight grip of power. Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, and Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald, are pulling out all the stops. They have called the legislature into an “extraordinary” session starting on Monday 12/3. This session is an attempt to push through Republican-backed bills before our newly elected administration takes office. Several items are listed for consideration including restricting the powers of Governor-Elect, Tony Evers, moving the 2020 Presidential primary election date, forcing work requirements for BadgerCare and limiting absentee voting windows.

We must answer this threat to our democracy loudly and clearly. Join us in taking action this weekend. Here’s what you can do:

  • Call your representatives (608) 266-9960 and let them know you need them to uphold democracy. NO LEGISLATION until the newly elected administration takes office.
  • Sign and share our petition. We will be hand delivering this petition to the offices or Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald on Monday 12/3.
  • Make calls with Citizen Action of WI. Get the word out about the extraordinary session and call voters throughout Wisconsin urging them to contact their representatives using Citizen Actions virtual phone bank. We must stand together against this over-reach of power.



Petition Signature Delivery (12/3) – On Monday, December 3rd Wisconsinites from all over the state will be gathering at the Capitol to dissent the extraordinary session. Over the past two weeks, Our Wisconsin Revolution has been collecting petition signatures, and on Monday at 1 pm we will be delivering them to the offices Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald. RSVP here! If you have any questions, please reach out to Grace at

Joint Finance Committee Public Hearing (12/3) – The Joint Finance Committee will be holding a Public Hearing at 12:30 p.m. in 412 East at the Capital. More information HERE.

Lame Duck Town Hall (12/3) -This Town Hall meeting is being hosted by a coalition of progressive organizations and concerned residents in West Allis, WI. State legislators have been invited to speak and explain why this session has been called, how it will affect policy decisions in 2019 and how it changes the democratic process in Wisconsin. RSVP for the event here. For more information contact Dale Dulberger (414)801-5592.

Portage County Election Debrief (12/6) – The Portage County chapter of Our Wisconsin Revolution will host a public discussion to go over the results of the 2018 midterm elections. Community members will have the opportunity to share their thoughts as to how and why the midterm elections reached their respective results, and to discuss what lessons can be learned for future elections. Check out their Facebook event page for more information.

OWR Kenosha Member Appreciation Night (12/12) – OWR Kenosha wants to recognize and celebrate our members, supporters and candidates and all of their hard work this past year while welcoming new friends and supporters. RSVP and learn more about this event HERE!


As the Evers Administration prepares to take office in January, they have officially launched their transition website. While this new administration transitions to the capital, Governor-elect Tony Evers and Lt. Governor-elect Mandela Barnes are both committed to recruiting a diverse group of talented individuals ready to work as a team to address problems facing Wisconsin’s citizens.

We highly encourage our members to apply for these open positions in this Administration. It is so important to have progressive, people-powered voices present in Wisconsin, not only in Madison but all over the state. Open positions include Cabinet Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Assistant Deputy Secretary, Division Administrator, Governor & Lieutenant Governor’s Staff, Legal Counsel, Communications Director, Legislative Liaison, Board/Commission positions.


Is YOUR chapter doing anything we should know about? Send along news, events, and photos to Grace at so it can be included in the next newsletter.


Petition to STOP Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald’s Power Grab.

We’ve volunteered countless hours, we’ve voted, we’ve celebrated our victories and sorted through the data. Win or lose, we are are changing our state and making a difference in communities all over Wisconsin! Our fight didn’t end on November 6th. We are still here, ready to hold are elected officials accountable and right now, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Sign our petition and tell Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, and Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald, to uphold the integrity of our election.

Shortly after Tony Evers was voted in as the next Governor of Wisconsin, Vos and Fitzgerald stated that they’d “look into limiting the powers of the Governor” before January 2019 when Evers will be seated. Their desperate power-grab threatens our democracy. This authoritarian action is unfair, dangerous and makes apparent their disregard for the sanctity of our votes.

Your signature will send them a message: sign and share our petition TODAY.

We must keep our representatives in check by calling out these unjust actions when we see them. Together we can give Wisconsinites a fighting chance at a more just and equitable future, a future that benefits all of us.


November Newsletter – Election Edition!

OWR’s Monthly Newsletter – Election Edition, Nov. ’18

11/1/18 – Our Wisconsin Revolution was born a little more than a year and a half ago. We came together at the Founding Convention to lay down the groundwork for a progressive, grassroots organization unlike any other in Wisconsin. Since then, we have moved forward shaping our state to be more representative of the people that live here and during this election cycle, we have amassed a list of firsts we all can be proud of.

This Election Edition Newsletter is meant to update you on all OWR’s election efforts and give you more information about Election Day! With 4 days left until the election, this is not a time sit back. Democracy is not a spectator sport. We must continue to text, canvass, call and reach out to our friends and loved ones.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu


Laura Gottlieb, OWR Dane County

“Linda Kessel [of Indivisible Madison] and I have been leading two-hour postcard writing sessions up to three times a week and we’re are regularly drawing between 10-25 people every meeting. As the election draws closer, we are getting more and more volunteers. People love the camaraderie of writing postcards in a relaxed setting with friends. Last Sunday, our regular coffee shop meeting place had a private event that we hadn’t known about, so we filled up the bar next door, taking up every booth and the whole bar! I wish I had taken a pic of the woman writing postcards with a martini in front of her! We have now written about 3,434 postcards for Kriss Marion, Lori Hawkins, Brittany Keyes and Ann Groves Lloyd. 15 people turned out for the Wil-Mar postcard writing event last Saturday and wrote 197 cards. Who honestly knows whether this is an effective tactic? What I CAN attest to is the real joy people feel at working together on a collective project that is based on one-to-one personal written communication and the hope it gives them (us).”

– Laura Gottlieb, Postcard Extraordinaire, OWR- Dane County


Below is the FULL list of Our Wisconsin Revolution endorsed candidates and links to their websites:

State Assembly, District 5 Matt LedererState Assembly, District 35 –Mark MartelloState Assembly, District 93 –Charlene Warner
State Assembly, District 14 –Robyn ViningState Assembly, District 41 –Frank BuressState Senate, District 5 –
Julie Henszey
State Assembly, District 15 Lillian CheesmanState Assembly, District 42 –Ann Groves LloydState Senate, Distrcit 9 – 
Kyle Whelton
State Assembly, District 21 Gabriel GomezState Assembly, District 49 Mike MooneyState Senate, District 17 –  Kriss Marion
State Assembly, District 22 –Aaron MattesonState Assembly, District 55 –Dan SchierlState Senate, District 21 –
Lori Hawkins
State Assembly, District 25 –Jennifer EstradaState Assembly, District 61 –Gina WalkingonUS Senate –
Tammy Baldwin
State Assembly, District 26 –Rebecca ClarkeState Assembly, District 63 –Joel JacobsenGovernor –
Tony Evers
State Assembly District 27 –Nanette BuleboshState Assembly, District 67 –Wren KeturiLt. Governor –
Mandela Barnes
State Assembly, District 28 –Kim ButlerState Assembly, District 84 Erica FlynnState Treasurer –
Sarah Godlewski
State Assembly, District 31 Brittany KeyesState Assembly, District 86 –Nancy StencilAttorney General –
Josh Kaul
State Assembly, District 32 –Katherine GaulkeState Assembly, District 89 Ken Holdorf


Over the past 2 months, we’ve have blown our original voter outreach goal of 27,000 contacts out of the water!

We are currently at  224,868 voter contacts with more to go. That is almost a quarter of a million people! Help us hit 235,000 by signing up to text or phone-bank in the coming days.


We have 4 days left to Get Out The Vote for our endorsed candidates and issues. With an open rate of 89% within the first 3 minutes, texting for candidates or issues is one of the most effective ways to reach voters. Participate in Our Wisconsin Revolutions Get Out The Vote efforts by sending up to 1,000 text an hour using Hustle!

To join our texting team fill out this google form here. >>> JOIN OWR’S TEXTING TEAM <<<


There are multiple services available to help get voters to the polls on election day. Here are a few:

Uber is offering $10 off a single ride to the polls. Learn more on their website HERE.

Lyft is providing 50% off rides across the country, and free rides to under-served communities that face significant obstacles to transportation. Get more info HERE!

Common Cause Wisconsin has a “free rides to the polls” program. If you are interested in participating or volunteering your time to give rides to those who need it, check out the Common Cause Wisconsin website!


1) If you see anyone at the polls having issues with voting, whether it is due to lack of documentation or other barriers please report it to the Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE. This help line is administered by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Please feel free to share this number as well.

2) Remember, if you get turned away at the polls you can always ask for a provisional ballot.

3) View a sample ballot so you know what you are voting for ahead of time. is an amazing resource for finding your polling place, checking registration or viewing a sample ballot. Use this website as an all purpose voting tool!

4) In the state of Wisconsin you can register the same day that you vote! NO EXCUSES.

Make sure you have a plan to vote. Talk to a friend or neighbor and decide to go together – keep each other accountable and cast you ballot on election day!

See you at the polls,

Our Wisconsin Revolution

Is YOUR chapter doing anything we should know about? Send along news, events, and photos to Grace at so it can be included in next months newsletter. 


October Newsletter

OWR’s Monthly Newsletter, Oct. ’18

10/1/18 – Find out what Our Wisconsin Revolution members and their chapters have been up to this past month.



In the past week, we have endorsed another round of candidates. Every OWR endorsed candidate agrees with the vast majority of our platform and if elected will work to implement our platform goals.

Our Wisconsin Revolution along with our membership is proud to endorse the following candidates:

This month, Our Wisconsin Revolution also went through a statewide endorsement process for the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. We are proud to announce our endorsement of Tony Evers for Governor and Mandela Barnes for Lt. Governor.


These candidates are teachers, veterans, parents and small business owners who have been propelled to run for office and fight for a better Wisconsin.


We need all hands on deck. With 36 days until the midterm election every minute of volunteer time helps to get these people-powered candidates elected. Is there a candidate that you and your chapter support? Do you need help getting started or making a greater impact in your community? OWR is here to help!

We are here to provide training and tools to help expand your chapters reach. Here are some ways to support OWR endorsed candidates:

  • Knock doors and meet your neighbors by canvassing for a candidate in your area!
  • Set up a phone-bank or text-bank party with your chapter, friends and family. Make it fun with a pot luck or pizza party.
  • Write postcards for a candidate or issue that is important to you. Direct mail is a highly effective way to get out the vote.
  • Donate to OWR – this helps us provide materials like walk packets, literature and stamps for all of out GOTV efforts.

If you are interested in supporting these candidates, reach out to Grace,, or Kathryn, Both Grace and Kathryn are available to train you and your chapter on how to use the tools necessary to reach voters in Wisconsin.


Ken Germanson, Milwaukee

One man’s story speaks to need for universal health care

“Richard is a family acquaintance.  In his sixties, but still several years away from Medicare, Richard is an example of how Obamacare has likely saved his ability to work and may even have saved his life.

Our friend is a family man and the devoted, caring father of two.  Like many Americans, Richard never went to college and never learned a specific skill.  In spite of being a hard worker who always shows up on time at the job, he’s had trouble maintaining any long term employment, due often to the temporary nature of available work.  Thus, he’s rarely had health insurance.

Several years ago, while he was in his late fifties, Richard began to tire easily, to lose his hair and to begin to lose teeth so that he could no longer eat solid food.  His fatigue was so bad that he shunned family gatherings, even those at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Yet, he struggled each morning, rising at 4:30 a.m. to arrive early on his low-paying job – a job without health insurance.

Along came Obamacare.  Richard finally went to see a doctor and learned he had a serious thyroid deficiency.  The doctor prescribed medication – largely paid for through Obamacare – and Richard soon became a new man: his hair began to grow back onto his head, his energy picked up, but, alas, his teeth were gone.  He returned to the family gatherings again and – most importantly – he finally got a job with good pay, health insurance, vacations and the opportunity for plenty of overtime.

The fact is that Richard would likely never have gotten his new and better job without regaining his health.  The job is a demanding and tiring one, but it’s interesting and fulfilling. Life is better for him and his family.  Soon he will be paying taxes again, instead of having an income so low that his family was eligible for earned income tax credit.

Richard’s story is a win-win!  He wins, his family wins, and all of America wins.  He is now a contributing member of society. His health is good so that he rarely goes to a doctor, except for checkups on his thyroid condition.  

There are many success stories like Richard’s because of Obamacare. Richard’s story is important because he is part of the demographic whose health has deteriorated in recent years. A recent study showed that middle-aged white men without college degrees were dying at faster rates, due largely to an economy that has left them behind to grub for low-pay jobs without health insurance.  Ironically, this is the demographic that voted heavily for Donald Trump and the Republicans who would deny them the very health care access they critically need.

This November 6th, America has a chance to not only save Obamacare from being more completely desiccated by Republicans (who almost unanimously wish to kill the plan) but to improve upon Obamacare’s promise to build a healthier America.  While Obamacare is not the comprehensive, single-payer health plan that many of us prefer, it is still a system that is preserving the health of millions of Americans.

As we campaign this fall, we must tell the story of Obamacare – that it is good for ALL Americans, not merely those like Richard who benefit directly from access to doctors, hospitals and clinics.  And, let’s hope those we elect in November will not only save Obamacare, but will strive for an even better health plan, one with universal access. We all benefit when everyone is healthy and happy.

–Ken Germanson, OWR Milwaukee Steering Committee Member


People’s Climate March (9/8) – We marched in Milwaukee and we marched up in the Northwoods for a transition to 100% clean renewable energy and investments in good, clean jobs. Our members called for a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all – not more stalling, no more delays – we need climate justice NOW!

Fighting Bob Fest (9/14-9/17)- Our Wisconsin Revolution in collaboration with the with Progressive Magazine brought Fighting Bob Fest to cities all across Wisconsin. OWR – La Crosse hosted a day filled with speakers, trainings, music, and food, while OWR – Milwaukee invited participants to experience Fighting Bob Fest through a one-man show written and performed by Josh Fox, The Truth Has Changed.

Eau Claire Grassroots Festival (9/22 – 9/23) – Chapter leaders and Board Members from Wolf River and Sauk County tabled and participated in a weekend filled with progressive activism!

National Voter Registration Day (9/25) – On National Voter Registration Day we coordinated a text effort to urge our members to check their voter registration and ask their friends and family to check their voter registration as well. Use to check registration, find your polling place and view sample ballots.


Early Voting (10/1) – Early Voting starts TODAY! Visit your city or county clerks office to cast your ballot before November 6th.

Phone-bank for Lori Hawkins (10/1, 10/3, 10/5) – Join us in phone-banking for OWR and OR endorsed candidate, Lori Hawkins. Lori is running for State Senate in District 21(Bristol, Racine, Mount Pleasant and parts of Kenosha and Milwaukee). We are coordinating a statewide effort to phone-bank for her and other OWR endorsed candidates. Sign up for a timeslot and help support candidates from the comfort of your own home. RSVP to HERE to phone-bank.

Do Black Votes Matter? (10/2) – A conversation with Reggie Jackson regarding the myriad dimensions of this question. Check out this facebook event page.

Postcard Writing in Dane County (10/6 and 10/13)- Our Wisconsin Revolution-Dane County, United Faculty and Academic Staff, and Indivisible Madison are teaming up to provide FREE childcare so you can send postcards and texts to progressive, pro-labor candidates. RSVP here for more information.

Wausau Grassroots Festival (10/20)- This is the second annual Wausau Grassroots Festival! Workshops, political candidates, music, food, and fun are included! Lunch will be served. Learn more about the event on their facebook page HERE!


Being a statewide organization it’s difficult to keep up with the pulse of things happening outside of your chapter. Joining a committee is a great way to stay up to date on issues that you value and meet members from around the state.

We have a number of committees that would flourish with more member involvement. Please consider joining any of the committees listed: Communications, Policy & Platform, Political Strategy, Endorsement, Events, Popular Education, Membership, Fundraising and Volunteer Committees.

If interested please fill out the committee google form here.

Is YOUR chapter doing anything we should know about? Send along news, events, and photos to Grace at so it can be included in the next newsletter.


September Newsletter

OWR Monthly Newsletter, Sept ’18

9/1/18 – September 1st, it’s fall ya’ll! Find out what our members and chapters throughout Wisconsin have been up to this last month.


Ever wonder what the Board of Directors is up to? Wonder no more, in the interest of transparency and improved communication we will be sharing Board meeting minutes. The OWR Board of Directors meets bi-weekly on Sunday evenings. Read through the most recent minutes here:  BOD 8/5/18BOD 8/19/18


Joni Anderson, Sauk County

“Stand Up. Be Proud. Get Involved. Recently I spent several days at the Adams County Fair. There are few things in my life that I feel are important enough to spend this kind of time on, and Our Wisconsin Revolution is one of them. While preparing for this booth, I wondered how people would respond to the different types of signs and messages I was trying to portray. Once my booth was set up, it did not take me long to find out. The classic OWR banner laid across the front of the table, accompanied with signs I made describing the beauty Wisconsin. As the photos of Wisconsin caught peoples eyes they lingered, read the other signs and started to talk.

I had created signs that reflected why I got involved in Our Wisconsin Revolution. Signs aboutgetting money out of politics, raising the minimum wage, and single payer healthcare. About retiring with dignity and being able to safely drink water from my own well. Signs about the importance of protecting our environment and how much I enjoy watching sunrises, sunsets and even occasionally spotting wildlife while hiking or boating. I realized that I am so lucky to be able to enjoy these things, but I cannot enjoy them without also fighting to preserve and protect them.  Being a part of OWR, we have the opportunity to share our involvement with our friends, family, and the average Wisconsinite that happens to walk by an OWR booth at the Adam County Fair. We owe it to each other to start the conversation.

During my time at the fair, I had the opportunity to not only talk with lots of different people but to listen to their stories. If there was one message people gave…WE NEED HEALTHCARE. I listened to an older gentleman talk about his struggles, how he almost lost his wife the previous year and is now preparing to return to work because of their crippling debt. I spoke with a family that had children of differing abilities and others that shared their monthly expenses for Medicare supplements. It seems that no one is untouched by this issue. Without people who care, people who are willing to stand for one another, we would not have the opportunity to change our state or our country. I am proud to be one of those people. I am proud to be part of the OWR community as we continually strive to make Wisconsin a working democracy for EVERYONE.”

-Joni Anderson, CD3 Board member, Sauk County


Being a statewide organization it’s difficult to keep up with the pulse of things happening outside of your chapter. Joining a committee is a great way to stay up to date on issues that you value and meet members from around the state.

We have a number of committees that would flourish with more member involvement. Please consider joining any of the committees listed: Communications, Policy & Platform, Political Strategy, Endorsement, Events, Popular Education, Membership, Fundraising and Volunteer Committees.

If interested please fill out the committee google form here.


National Voter Registration Day is September 25th. This effort creates a coordinated campaign all over the U.S. with the goal of broadening education on voter registration guidelines and registering voters who may not register otherwise. Check out their website here and read a message from Terrance Warthen, OWR State Co-Chair below:

“Voter Registration is the most important activity that we can engage in, and while we should be making an effort to increase voter registration every day, National Voter Registration Day is an opportunity to coordinate registration efforts with many other groups across Wisconsin and the nation, hopefully catching the attention of some who may not have registered otherwise. Every OWR Chapter needs to find a way to participate in this campaign if at all possible. Despite the victories, we will not win in November without an increase in eligible voter participation. The talk of a “Blue Wave”, while encouraging and comforting to some, has created complacency in far too many areas. We cannot depend on our recent successes, or the failings of those who oppose our Platform, to propel our endorsed candidates to victory. Polls, Celebrity Endorsements, campaign slogans and amusing tweets are no substitute for or guarantee of VOTES. More eligible voters have been purged from the roles in Wisconsin than the number of voters who cast ballots for Progressives in the August Primary.

There is too much at stake on November 6th to leave anything to chance. Please sign up and register your chapter or another group to participate in National Voter Registration Day.Please encourage your local libraries and public schools; your Colleges, Universities and Trade Schools to host an event. Post the events on your social media pages, ask friends and family, approach your local Union or Co-Op. Anyone and everyone that you can think of, including and especially in your own household. Thank you!”

-Terrance Warthen, OWR State Co-Chair


Adams County Fair (8/9-8/12)- Members of OWR-Sauk County attended and tabled at the Sauk County Fair.

People’s Picnic (8/29)- OWR Dane County along with many other local organizations sponsored the 2nd Annual People’s Picnic on Sunday, July 29th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm in Brittingham Park. The day was filled with speakers, tabling, games, and good food!
DNC Meeting in Chicago (8/25)- In a historic move the Democratic National Committee voted to limit the power of superdelegates in the first vote during the presidential nomination process. Members of Our Wisconsin Revolution joined members from Our Revolution-Illinois in Chicago to hold DNC members accountable. Watch the video of Our Revolution activists and Our Revolution president, Nina Turner, giving a recap of events HERE.

Janesville Mixer (8/25)- In an effort to get anOWR chapter started in Rock County, CD1 Board Members, Esther Roberts, and Krish Colon, have been planning mixers throughout the first Congressional District. The Janesville Mixer brought members from progressive organizations in the area together for good food, drink, and conversation.

Milwaukee Mixer (8/29)- OWR-Milwaukee co-hosted a community mixer with the Milwaukee area Democratic Socialist of America at Barnacle Buds in Bayview.


La Crosse Open Streets(9/2)- The streets of La Crosse will be open for bikes, roller skates, strollers, families, and fun! OWR- La Crosse will be there promoting voter registration. Check out the Facebook event.

Labor Fest (9/3)- Dane County OWR will be tabling at LaborFest ‘18 in Madison, WI. This is a free event, open to the public. Learn more HERE.

RISE UP: Peoples Climate March (9/8)- In Milwaukee and up in the Northwoods we’ll be marching for a transition to 100% clean renewable energy and investments in good, clean jobs. We are confronting our climate crisis not only as an environmental issue, but also as an issue of social and economic justice. No more stalling, no more delays: it’s time for a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all. RSVP for the Milwaukee event or RSVP for the Northwoods/Minocqua event!

Wisconsin’s Choice Evers/Barnes Forum (9/12)- Wisconsin’s Choice will be hosting a forum with Democratic Governor and Lt. Governor Candidates Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes in Milwaukee, WI. This Forum will give OWR members and Wisconsin’s Choice participants the opportunity to get to know these candidates better and ask questions.

Fighting Bob Fest (9/14-9/17)- Our Wisconsin Revolution has again signed on to co-host Fighting Bob Fest along the with Progressive Magazine.

Eau Claire Grassroots Festival and Summit (9/22-9/23)– The Wisconsin Grassroots Network is hosting a grassroots festival and summit in Eau Claire, WI. For more details visit their Facebook page.



The cannabis legalization advisory referendum was introduced in 21 counties in Wisconsin. While 5 counties (Fond Du Lac, Outagamie, St. Croix, Walworth, and Winnebago) rejected the referendum, 16 counties passed the referendum (Brown, Clark, Dane, Eau Claire, Forest, Kenosha, La Crosse, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Marquette, Milwaukee, Portage, Racine, Rock and Sauk) meaning this referendum will be on the November ballot for over half of Wisconsin’s Population.

Our Wisconsin Revolution members from all over the state took time to introduce this referendum, show up at local county board meetings, call their supervisors and tell their stories. With 61 percent of Wisconsinites favoring cannabis legalization, this referendum could push turnout numbers for the November election. Read more about the referendum questions that will be on the ballots in each county HERE.


Thanks to everyone who worked tireless hours supporting candidates before the August 14th Primary. And a special shout-out to Sarah Godlewski who was elected with 40% of the vote for State Treasurer. Congratulations are in order for Tony Evers & Mandela Barnes; it feels great to know who is at the top of the ticket and I am excited about Wisconsin’s Choice & Our Wisconsin Revolution joining forces to get out the vote.

I know many of you are eager to hit the pavement & phones in support of endorsed candidates locally before November. We prioritized endorsing candidates in chapters who are out knocking doors and making calls in support, or who have been active in OWR. Moving forward, we will focus on endorsing more candidates and encouraging Our Revolution nationally to endorse as well.

We will be scaling up our OWReach (Relational Voting Program), canvassing, calls, and texts before November. If you are interested in doing this important work, please send me an email at”

-Max Love, OWR Political Director


These candidates are teachers, veterans, parents and small business owners who have been propelled to run for office and fight for a better Wisconsin. Every OWR endorsed candidate agrees with the vast majority of our platform and if elected will work to implement our platform goals.



Foxconn is a multinational corporation on track to receive the largest corporate giveaway in American history. Wisconsin taxpayers will be handing over $3 billion in (largely cash) incentives to entice them to open a factory in Southeast Wisconsin.

You may have noticed that, up until now, we’ve been mostly silent on the subject.

We wanted to take time to talk to folks in our local chapters, and to fully understand what was really in the deal. We recently sent out an email, asking you how you all felt about it. Your response was overwhelming. And (virtually) unanimous.

We asked if you supported the deal. 99.2% of you said “no.” A small handful of you needed more information.

Some of your responses were so heartfelt and well-written, we just had to share them with our community. (They’ve been anonymized for privacy).

“Foxconn is a total rip off. Walker couldn’t grow jobs so he bought them with my money. I worked in the electronics industry for 23 years. The floor production staff isn’t going to make the kind of money Walker said they would, it just not going to happen. I predict that the plant will be just big enough to get the tax dollars. It will be too expensive to build screens in the USA compared to their plants overseas. Foxconn just wanted a hedge against Trump’s threat of retaliation against China’s trade practices, and Walker bought into it. I will be paying for this awful deal for the rest of my life.”

“In today’s business ecosystem large corporations have come to expect patronage from various forms of government. The reasoning is that business will provide jobs and other economic investment or value to the nearby area that they end up operating in. While this is true, it is definitely not fair to smaller businesses and creates an uneven playing field that benefits larger and larger businesses. Talk to any investment manager, they will tell you many small investments compared to singular large investments is a far better approach. It manages risk by spreading out success and failure. A single investment failing—while unfortunate—doesn’t become a doomsday event. By appealing to these massive corporations we are only placing them further up the ladder from smaller entities making competition scarce and forcing those communities to become tied to the corporation’s success. This is an extremely negative effect that I simply do not want perpetuated any longer.”

“$45,000,000 for each of 72 counties to create 200 jobs in each county. That would be 14,400 jobs created by and for Wisconsin citizens, and the money would circulate at home, not be siphoned off into a foreign bank account.”

“First of all, it could be spread around the state instead of being localized in one location. Like Roosevelt’s work programs, people could be put to work improving infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc); setting up Head Start centers and providing day care facilities in rural communities; create job training centers for those who who need training; put people to work constructing clean energy systems; provide seed money for small businesses that meet needs; and those are just off the top of my head.”

“We need an overhaul of the criminal justice system with our overcrowded prisons. Get the Parole board back. Release inmates after they served their 75% and 85% time as set up by the legislature as their legal right. Process the farm paperwork and feed the inmates decent food with the money saved by reducing overcrowding. Foxconn costs us money and will employ Illinois residents more than Wisconsinites. Make job training a part of prison release so our CNC positions and others can be filled by people eager to work and needing to start a new life. This will save money in multiple ways and provide for economic growth. Walker just wants to be President. He doesn’t want what would really help our budget and citizens.”

“Born and raised in Racine. The community is hurting but we did not need Foxconn. Many businesses are trying to find skilled workers in the county and already can’t. Really upset about how state of Wisconsin waived environmental regulations for this. This is our backyard we are waving people’s right to a clean environment for this business. It also sets a precedent of how they can treat us and how we treat ourselves in terms of the environment. Thanks!”

We also asked if you had suggestions for how else Wisconsin could have put that $3 billion dollars to use.

Here are your ideas:

Invest in education at all levels (177)
Fix our infrastructure and crumbling roads (135)
Provide healthcare for all of us in Wisconsinites (87)
Protected the environment
Support small businesses
Expand our investments in renewable energy
And many others…
It was so great to see how many of your ideas were right out of the OWR Platform. Just like you, we believe that by putting forward a positive, aspirational (because yes, it will take some work!) vision for the state of Wisconsin, we are offering giving everyone something to fight FOR, not just against.

Thank you all for sending in your feedback. You can expect OWR to make a strong showing of your opposition to this “deal” and we will fight back by putting forward OWR positive, aspirational vision for what this state can be for all of us living here.

Please feel free to reach us in the comments or



OWR 2nd Annual Convention & 1-Year Anniversary Celebration

Join us for the 2nd Annual Convention & 1-Year Anniversary Celebration


Our Wisconsin Revolution Makes First Major Endorsement

Tim Burns for Wisconsin Supreme Court

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, November 27th, 2017 (Download the release here)

CONTACT: Terrance Warthen (, 262-705-2452), Sarah Lloyd (, 920-210-7335)

Our Wisconsin Revolution, Wisconsin’s chapter of the national organization formed to continue the energy from the Bernie Sanders for President campaign, announced Monday, November 27th that 6,000 members voted overwhelmingly in favor of endorsing Tim Burns for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“We are excited to make our first state-wide endorsement. Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR) is a people-powered, member-driven organization. We believe it is time to make sure that the Wisconsin Supreme Court is truly acting in the interest of the people. This is why we support Tim Burns for Supreme Court Justice,” said Sarah Lloyd, OWR Co-Chair. “Tim Burns is running for this important position to make sure that the judicial system and especially the highest court in the state is acting to ensure a level playing field for everyone and not corporate interests. This focus aligns with the values OWR is fighting for in Wisconsin. Our members know Tim will bring an experienced, authentic voice of reason to the Supreme Court, a voice that sides with the people of this state. We are eager to mobilize 6,000 members across the state in support of Tim through the Primary and General Election in April.”

OWR will be running canvasses and contacting voters in support of endorsed candidates up and down the ticket for the Spring and Fall elections in 2018.


Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, democratic-popular organization that aims to take Wisconsin government back from corporate elites and make it truly of, by, and for the people. Contact (or 724-557-6269) to get involved.



2017 in review

While 2017 wasn’t a great year for America (it really kinda sucked, right?), it was a great year for launching Our Wisconsin Revolution. While Washington, DC and Madison, WI were hijacked by the special interests (Foxconn anyone?), our people-powered movement grew and thrived throughout Wisconsin.

Check out what we, as a unified community managed to accomplish in 2017.

If you didn’t become a member of OWR in 2017, consider doing so today. It doesn’t cost any money and it will only take a few moments of your time.

Our average contribution in 2017 was $16. Consider kicking in $16, or whatever you can afford today, and help keep this important movement thriving.

Together, we’re going to take back our great state.