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Adding Insult to Injury

Republicans who control both houses of Wisconsin’s legislature have signaled they intend to gavel in and immediately gavel out of a special session called by Governor Tony Evers on Medicaid expansion without debating or voting on the proposed legislation. This childish response of state legislative leaders to the governor’s call to action is a classic example of adding insult to injury.

The injury is foolishly turning down $1.6 billion in available federal funds, denying insurance coverage to 91,000 people who stand to be covered if the funds are accepted, and causing state taxpayers to pay more to insure fewer. Adjourning without debating the issue is the insult.

Our Wisconsin Revolution is one of more than 40 groups that are part of the Coalition for a Just Wisconsin Budget working together to advocate for Medicaid expansion among other things. The coalition is committed to continuing to work to expose the folly of decisions being made by legislative budget writers and keep the pressure on for Medicaid expansion and other fiscal measures benefiting working class residents until the very end of the budget process.