About Us

Our Wisconsin Revolution is about making Wisconsin a genuine democracy — with a government and an economy that are of, by and for the people.

Shake up the system. Challenge the establishment. Stand for progressive principles. Work for fundamental change. Fight for the working class. Join us.

Executive Director

Andre Walton

Board of Directors

Sarah Lloyd, Co-Chair
Michael Beardsley, Co-Chair
Mary Kay Baum, At-Large
Larissa Joanna, At-Large
Alexa Safer, At-Large
Peter German, At-Large
Kevin Solomon, At-Large
Xavier Simmons, 1st CD Representative
Rich McGowan, 2nd CD Representative
Joni Anderson, 3rd CD Representative
Jeff Perzan, 4th CD Representative and Treasurer
Tyler Allen, 5th CD Representative
Michael Beardsley, 6th CD Representative
Kathryn McKenzie, 7th CD Representative
Justice Peche, 8th CD Representative